Weed Hotbox In Public Prank

Check out this hilarious video of Ryan from Hammy TV pretending to hotbox his car.

Jan 27, 2016

Every seasoned stoner has hotboxed their car at least once in their life, but most are scared to do so in public because it’s the most inconspicuous way to get caught by the police.

So check out what happens to this guy when he takes his fancy sports car into public places and make-believes that he’s smoking ganja.

With a fog machine and a cigar

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So, this whole prank doesn’t even involve the guy smoking any weed. He puts on a beanie that makes him look like Bob Marley, holds his cigar backwards and puts a fog machine in the back of his car. The fog machine creates the effect that he’s hot boxing the car, and for added effect he puts cannabis flowers in the fog machine so that it smells like weed. But in fact, there’s no weed happening in the car at all.

So, this guy is just walking around stirring the pot, really. You’d think he might as well smoke weed if he’s going to pretend like it in public.

Being a public menace

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His car is definitely a head-turner, so he isn’t really making any effort to be inconspicuous. He takes his car to parking lots and parks them conveniently close to security cars. In one public parking lot someone is so offended he starts calling the police. He drives it through a fast food drive-through service and asks if the window chick can tell him where to get his medical marijuana card.

Check out this video to see this guy be a public menace in his local neighborhood where marijuana has just been legalized!

Jan 27, 2016