Weediquette: Secret Medical Cannabis Oil Production In The UK

Watch as Krishna enters an underground cannabis oil lab for free distribution for people in the UK.

Oct 30, 2016

In the fourth episode of VICE’s Weediquette, Krishna takes a trip across the pond to take a look at Britain’s cannabis laws. The strict policy on medical cannabis has left English citizens to figure out the medicinal properties and distribution on their own terms. With a large demand for an illegal product, the producers are forced to work in secrecy. Check out the clip below to see a first-hand look at a secret medical cannabis oil production setup. 

The British Robin Hood

The best part of the clip is near the end when Hydra admits that he gives away something in the ballpark of 20,000 lbs worth of medical cannabis flower and oils every week.

He claims he doesn’t make his medical oils for a big payday, he simply wants more people to be treating themselves with it. That way, the public will become more aware of the countless benefits that the plant has to offer.

The many people benefiting from his oils for free will eventually form the medical market once the U.K. legalizes medical cannabis. This underground economy should light a spark in the UK that could closely replicate Colorado or California’s medical market expansion.

You can watch the full episode of Weediquette on VICE.

Oct 30, 2016