Weediquette: The Importance Of The Pot Powwow

This Nevada-based First Nation tribe is officially the first in the state to enter the medical cannabis space in this episode of Weediquette.

Oct 5, 2016

Episode 3 of Weediquette’s second season takes a look at the Native American’s adventure into the cannabis space with “Pot Powwow”. In Nevada, the tribes that usually sell tobacco to keep their population successful are facing some challenges because of the decrease in sales. Krishna brings the audience on a journey to see the first cannabis growing operation and dispensary open that are owned by the Paiute Tribe.

The Paiute’s: Doing it the right way

The tribe partnered with Ultra Health Dispensaries, a large brand that has growing operations all over the New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada.

CEO Duke Rodriguez has high hopes after joining forces with the Paiute tribe,

It’s one of these things that were are all seeing and we’re waiting for one tribe. One tribe to finally do it the right way. That’s what the Paiute’s are going to demonstrate in a huge way in Nevada.

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Oct 5, 2016