New Weediquette Season Kicks Off With Stoned Parents

Krishna Andavolou is back with the second season of VICE’s “Weediquette”, and reveals how badly Kansas punish so-called stoned parents that use cannabis.

Sep 6, 2016

Krishna Andavolou is back with the second season of VICE’s critically acclaimed cannabis documentary series, Weediquette. The first episode, Stoned Parents, focuses on the unfair child care services in Kansas, and how they purposely punish parents that use cannabis whether it be for recreational or medical purposes. This is a must watch episode that brings some coverage to a topic that is often ignored by big media, and you can watch the episode below.

The social bias of Kansas’ DCF

The severity of the Department of Children and Families power is best described by an advocate who has been spreading the news of the social injustice of the state-run organization.

If that social worker doesn’t like you, if they don’t agree with your religion, if they don’t agree with the fact that you use cannabis, then you are done. [They think] that’s not the way you should raise your children, so we are going to take them and raise them the way that we see fit – Jennifer Winn, Childcare Advocate

The DCF has been gaining huge amounts of funding in recent years, while welfare and community services for poor families have been shrunk by 60%. The DCF is getting a 25% increase in the amount of children in their foster programs, resulting in almost $700 million in funding.

This is essentially moving children away from their poor families and brought to what the biased DCF deems as appropriate parents.

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Sep 6, 2016