Watch Weediquette #2: Stoned Vets

Check out how medical marijuana can benefit America’s Veterans in the heart-wrenching episode of VICE’s “Weediquette” in episode 2, Stoned Vets.

May 9, 2016

Stoned Vets is the second episode of the “Weediquette“, series by Vice, hosted by Krishna Andavolu. This episode focuses on the mental relief that Veterans can achieve by using cannabis for the treatment of depression or other trauma-related illnesses like PTSD

Repackaging memories

One of the most challenging things Vets face are the horrific memories that can be brought back into the subconscious mindset during everyday life back home. The frequency of these flashbacks can vary between individuals, but a lot of Veterans have found relief from the same source.

Cannabis is claimed to help the mind repackage the memories that a lot of Vets wish they could forget, into a more manageable and less intense form. Even after a small amount of cannabis, Veterans say that the relief is almost instantaneous.

In the episode, Krishna strives to help a shy Veteran open up to other retired members of the military while using cannabis as common ground. This Veterans special is quite a heart-wrenching episode, so be prepared to let your emotions flow!

Do you think eligible veterans should have free access to medical marijuana? Could the government get on board with such a program? Let us know on social media or in the comments below.

May 9, 2016