10 Most Hilarious #WeedMemes From Instagram This Week

Weed and memes, name a more iconic duo, I’ll wait… Check out some of the best #WeedMemes on Instagram from the past week.

Jul 18, 2017

Instagram is famous for hosting some of the most creative meme creators on the internet. This is definitely not limited to truly top notch cannabis themed memes. Here are 10 of this weeks funniest #WeedMemes from the creative minds of Instagram.

1. A true friend

Never skip your friends in the circle

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2. 420 Friendly Dr.

3. Indica fans, you know this life

4. “I just have allergies”


5. Probative question

6. Do you even science?


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7. At least it got through security


8. Facepalm..

9. Tom Cruise #420BlazeIt

10. The universal stoner introduction

Jul 18, 2017