10 Dopest #WeedPorn Pics To Welcome The Start Of Fall

Summer is behind us now but it’s still all good. Check out #5 on our list for a look at Michelle and Barack Obama’s newest hobby.

Sep 26, 2017

We’re highlighting the best of Instagram users’ cannabis photography from the past week, sifting through the thousands of #WeedPorn photos across the site to show off the creme de la creme. If you want to a chance to be featured in our weekly top 10, include the hashtag #HERBWeedPorn on your next cannabis post on Instagram.

1. Happy Shatter-day!

2. Rosin cookies

3. Spiral stem

4. The clone fridge


5. #HERBWeedPorn

6. THC crystalline


7. Moonrocks galore

8. Purple punch

#purplepunch 💦💦

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9. Honey where’s the torch?

10. Transparency at its finest


Sep 26, 2017