10 Weird Strain Names (And Where They Come From)


Weird strain names are often the result of pure stoner creativity. You may have heard of these strains, but do you know their origins?

Lukas W
Sep 26, 2016
Weird Strain Names

Certain cannabis strains have consistently been getting attention for the outlandish naming practices that some people use. These weird strain names often have an elaborate story behind them or are the result of pure stoner creativity. We are going to take a look at 10 different strains that all have a name that seems out of the ordinary in the cannabis community. The history and benefits of each strain will also be highlighted. 

1. Alaskan Thunder Fuck

Weird strain names 1 10 Weird Strain Names (And Where They Come From)
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This legendary sativa originated from the Matanuska Valley, just north of Anchorage Alaska.

ATFs odd name came about to warn the consumers of it’s potential to induce what is known as a “creeper effect.”  This effect occurs when you think the strain is producing a relaxing effect, but within minutes, the effect changes like thunder to a more intense and euphoric feeling.

Other strain attributes include a pine and lemon scent and the ability to relieve stress and mild depression.

2. Cheese

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The name for this indica dominant hybrid is purely based on the smell that a properly cured bud will give off.

Originating in the UK, Cheese was accidently conceived when cultivators were growing phenotypes of the strain Skunk. And for anybody that knows even a little bit about genetics, they know how a crazy cheese-smelling strain can be conceived purely by chance.

The cognitive effects can lift you into a cloud of happiness and relaxation while relieving appetite problems and insomnia.

3. Gorilla Glue

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Gorilla Glue’s name was created to be a warning about the effects of a strain of this nature. For those of you who haven’t heard of this glue, it’s basically the type of adhesive that can bring people to the hospital for getting stuck to various things.

So be warned, this hybrid will literally glue you to the comfiest couch in your house for a 2-3 hour period. And if you happen smoke at night, be prepared to wake up in your living room the next day.

As a disclaimer, Gorilla Glue is an award winning strain that might be difficult to impossible to find in your local dispensary.

4. Golden Goat

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This small town American strain was bred by crossing Hawaiian/Romulan with an Island Sweet Skunk.

When the new phenotype was cultivated, the growers wanted its name to reflect the smell of the herb along with a connection to the location that it was conceived.

With it having a very sour smell, the growers decided to name it Golden Goat, which was a recycling depot in Topeka Kansas that was very close to where they grew the first phenotype. The depot also had a similar sour smell that just made the name seem logical, kind of.

5. Pineapple Express

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Being one of the most famous strains out there, Pineapple Express has a relatively logical explanation for how its name came to be.

Being the offspring of Hawaiian and Trainwreck, it’s named focuses solely on its parents. It definitely took someone to smoke a couple of joints to come up with this iconic name, but now that you the genetics of the strain, it makes total sense doesn’t it?

Pineapples are from Hawaii and an express train is always preferred!

6. AK-47

Weird strain names 6 10 Weird Strain Names (And Where They Come From)
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Sensi Seeds created AK-47  in 1992, and the growers wanted to express how relatively powerful it was.

The THC content of AK-47 can be seen dancing around the 20% mark, and back in 1992, that was some of the strongest cannabis the world had ever seen.

With a name like that, the popularity of AK-47 blew up and the race for the highest THC content had officially begun.

7. Mr. Nice

Weird strain names 7 10 Weird Strain Names (And Where They Come From)
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This strain had been discontinued since the mid 80’s by Sensi Seeds, but they brought it back to honor its heritage and the man who was it was named after.

Howard Marks was one of the biggest cannabis smugglers of all time. He released his own autobiography titled “Mr. Nice”, which resulted in Sensi Seeds creating this wonderful indica in his honor.

8. Lamb’s Bread

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From the Jamaican and Rastafarian religion slang meaning “great ganja”, this legendary Sativa is known for an energy boost along with intense introspection.

Originating in Jamaica, some locals say that Mr. Bob Marley himself was a big fan of Lamb’s Bread.

The energizing effect of this strain should dissipate depression and enable a productive mindset to flourish.

9. Headband

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Being the offspring of OG Kush and Sour Deisel, Headband is one of the best pain-relieving strains that money can buy. Its name comes from its ability to zap

Its name comes from its ability to zap headaches and migraines with a wonderful feeling of pressure, with a similar feeling to wearing a soft headband.

Not only will your pain be gone, but stress and muscle tension can be alleviated by this powerful hybrid.

10. Cannatonic

Weird strain names 10 10 Weird Strain Names (And Where They Come From)
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The name of this high-CBD strain comes from its medical applications. Cannatonic can have CBD levels over 15%, giving the patient a huge amount of medical benefits that most strains are lacking.

Known very well in the medical cannabis community, Cannatonic can alleviate pain, anxiety, headaches, and a variety of other conditions.

What is your favorite strain on this list? Do you know of some even crazier strain names? Share with us on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below.

Lukas W
Sep 26, 2016