We’ve Come A Long Way, Baby: Remembering 5 Old Skool Ways Of Getting High

Let’s go back … way back. A legendary hippie & an anonymous surfer dude tell us how they did things back in the ’70s. Pure Gold.

Apr 8, 2016

I asked Artie Romero for some help on this one. Best known for his visual effects on Keanu Reeves’ 1995 cyberpunk feature “Johnny Mnemonic;” back in the 60s and 70s he published underground fanzines and comic books like “Realm” (1969–72), “The Everyman Flyer” (1974-1975), and “Cascade Comix Monthly” (1978-1981). On his website, Artie.com, he comments “I was really good at drawing stoned hippies.” 

1. Artie on ‘The Beer Can’

oldskool ways getting high beer can Heres 10 Epic Cannabis Moments Throughout History
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“I always thought it was fairly clever to take an aluminum beer can, dent it to create a makeshift bowl in one side, poke a lot of small holes in the ‘bowl’ with a needle or pin, and perhaps poke a hole to create an air valve on the side that one could cover with one’s finger. The opening in the top of the can becomes the mouthpiece, such as it is. One can almost always find a beer or soda can and some kind of ‘poky thing’ to complete the makeshift pipe. Good times!”

2. The Honey Bear

oldskool ways getting high honey bottle Heres 10 Epic Cannabis Moments Throughout History
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You can probably find one of these at the right head shop or you can make one. Buy a honey bear at the grocery store. Eat all the honey. Now figure out how to put a hole in the back for a carb and then a hole in front to put the stem. You cut the top with scissors, but you probably already did that to pour the honey out in the first place. Now you got a really cool water pipe.

3. Spark Plug Socket Chillums

oldskool ways getting high spark plug Heres 10 Epic Cannabis Moments Throughout History
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Notice how those sockets in your socket set look like chillums in a variety of different sizes? Put aluminum foil on one end or just stick a big bud over the hole and light up!

4. Aluminum Foil Pipe

oldskool ways getting high aluminum foil Heres 10 Epic Cannabis Moments Throughout History
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Got two pens and some Reynolds wrap? Wrap the aluminum foil around both pens a couple of times. Then angle one pen out towards the end and bend up so you make a bowl. You’ll see just from bending the bowl part it will make a slit and a good screen for the weed.

5. The 4 foot tall ‘Drive In’ water pipe circa 1976

oldskool 4ft bong instructions illustration Heres 10 Epic Cannabis Moments Throughout History

I met an old surfer dude from California who told me how he used to do it back in 1976. He wished to remain anonymous and once you read this story you will understand why. He and his friends jumped the Drive-In movie fence and knocked down two speaker poles. They busted the speakers off the end and took the PVC poles home. There they took a hack saw to the bottom and stuck the lid of a hairspray can in there to “cork” it, so they could fill it with water. Then they drilled a hole in the pole and for a stem they sawed off part of a bicycle handle bar. They shoved the handle bar piece into the hole and sealed it with chewing gum. Next, they took a nail and made a hole into a cone shaped, sewing, thumb thimble that fit perfectly in the stem for a bowl.

When they hit this thing he said it made a heavy glug glug or blub blub sound because it was 3 to 4 feet tall. They spent their summer sitting on the wall of the Drive-In smokin’!

There must 1001 more old skool ways of getting high. Can you think of some? Let us know on social media or in the comments below.

Apr 8, 2016