5 Hilarious Wisdom Teeth Removal Videos

Wisdom teeth videos will never disappoint you. Not only do people say the craziest things, but they also have no idea what they are doing.

Feb 19, 2017

Having a bad day? Or, just need a quick laugh? If so, wisdom teeth videos will never disappoint you. Not only do people say the craziest things, but they also have no idea what they are doing. Indeed, anesthesia can make folks do and say the weirdest things. Although they may not remember what went down, luckily there is someone to record the experience for your amusement. To brighten your day, here are five hilarious wisdom teeth videos.

1. Gauze for daze

Warning: This video includes a lot of nonsense and foul language. However, it is probably one of the funniest wisdom teeth videos of them all. Apparently, anesthesia can give you some serious rapping skills. Also, it may cause you to like new things, such as beer.

2. The vampire surgeon

Tooth takeout anyone? As it turns out, that’s code for having your wisdom teeth removed. After this girl had hers taken out, she thought she turned into a Kardashian. Although some would die for a set of Kardashian lips, this chick wasn’t too happy at all.  But that didn’t last long once she began tasting blood. She went from a Kardashian to a vampire surgeon.

3. Zombie apocalypse

Now, this zombie apocalypse prank is just plain cruel. Still, you can’t help but laugh. You’ve got to hand it to the girl, though. Despite her being high on anesthesia, she knows what tools are necessary to conquer flesh eating zombies. Also, she knows what pet to choose when she can only pick from one.

4. Dubai was lit

If you’re a ginger, then you may turn into a certified badass after having your wisdom teeth removed. Just don’t tell his lawyer, because he may or may not have killed people during his trip to Dubai. Other than that, his trip sounds pretty dope. Not only did he buy a camel, but also billions of strippers.

5. Where’s my Mary Jane?

Of course, the best had to be saved for last. You may have seen this video in one of our previous articles, but it never gets old. Rather than getting her wisdom teeth removed, this girl is crying because she thinks her doctor handed her some Mary Jane.

Feb 19, 2017