Molly Kavanagh: Never Stop Hustling


Molly Kavanagh created ASCHE Industries in 2013. Her style, vision, and advice make her a stellar example of a strong Woman in Weed.

Jul 9, 2017

Molly Kavanagh came to the realization that modern cannabis smokers no longer want to purchase their accessories in typical smoke shops or bodegas. Instead, many cannabis consumers care about style, design, and authenticity. Thus, the idea for ASCHE Industries was created in 2013. Her style, vision, and advice make her a stellar example of a strong Woman in Weed.

Molly Kavanagh and ASCHE

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Splitting her time between New York City and Los Angeles, Molly is a Kansas native and has modeled with Ford Models for over 12 years. An entrepreneur with a vast interest in fashion and design, Molly is a past Partner at Overbey & Dunn, the widely acclaimed West Village vintage/antique installation boutique and design gallery.

In 2014, ASCHE Industries introduced a modern cannabis smoking accouterment and small leather goods line to the United States market. All designed in New York City and manufactured in the USA, ASCHE Industries focuses on craftsmanship, function, and will continue to evolve and introduce new products, and limited edition designs.

ASCHE currently offers two shared product lines for women and men, ASCHE smoking accouterments and ASCHE’s scent blocking leather goods.

Tell us more about your fashion brand, ASCHE

Our latest designs make up our new Summer Safari collection. I love our Elephant joint clip, it’s embellished with set stones for the eyes. You can enjoy it as a necklace or it can adorn your dresser or work space as it can stand up on its own as well!

I’m also proud to say that part of the proceeds of the collection goes to African wildlife foundation.

All of our items are made in the U.S. I prefer to make it in America for the quality. I believe the quality here is so much better. You’re putting product into it and smoking it and you want to make sure the process is done properly.

I have concerns of the other overseas vape pens that could be coated heavy metals and plastics and it heats up and can be unhealthy. I met everyone who puts their hands on the parts.

Who was your mentor(s)? How important were they and how, if at all, are you paying it forward?

Fortunately for me, I have a collective community of beyond talented friends/mentors in several industries ranging from ages 25-70 that have guided me in the development, design, financial planning, and marketing of ASCHE.

I’m currently collaborating with emerging artists and younger cannabis companies and passing on the knowledge, guidance, and connections I’ve received over the last couple years to further their success. I’m a firm believer in what you give out you get back!

What makes a great leader in cannabis?

A great leader in any industry is to be knowledgeable about the trends and market but fearless when it comes to paving the way for new design trends and technology.

With the cannabis industry, I feel it’s important for leaders to design quality, thoughtful products that will further the rising of the elevated cannabis market.

How do you feel about being a woman in weed?

How could I not be anything but ecstatic to be a woman in Weed!!? It’s incredible! Every woman I’ve met in the industry are incredibly talented, ambitious, and kind.

We all want to empower each other and wish success upon one another, which I don’t think is the case in other industries. So we all are very fortunate to have chosen the GREEN path.

What empowers you?

What empowers and motivates me is that this is all just the beginning, the possibilities in the cannabis industry are infinite.

Advice to other women in weed?

My advice to other women entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry is to try not to get discouraged, this is a new market and we all make mistakes. Learn from those mistakes and move forward. Never stop hustling.

Jul 9, 2017