You Won’t Believe How Snoop Got His Name

Snoop Dogg explains in this video how he got his famous name.

Feb 26, 2016

Although $50,000 is probably not even worth that much to Snoop Dogg, that’s how much money he wins during his celebrity appearance on Who Wants to Be A Millionaire. Anyway, it’s money that he will be donating to his charity, the Snoop Youth Football League. But what’s more interesting about this episode of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is the explanation for how Snoop got his name.

Where does Snoop Dogg come from?

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Well, believe it or not, the name Snoop Dogg actually comes from his mother. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s his birth name. Snoop explains that when he was a child in the 70s, he used to watch the cartoon, Charlie Brown so often that his mother thinks he began to look like one of the characters on it. So she called him Snoopy.

Since then his nickname has been Snoopy, and his famous name is Snoop Dogg. Check out the video to see Snoop win $50,000 for his charity and explain how he got his name!

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Feb 26, 2016