The World’s First ‘Weedery’ Has Been Designed And It’s Awesome

The world’s first “weedery” may be opening soon in Colorado. If all goes according to plan, this will be the “Marijuana Graceland”.

Dec 23, 2015

The Colorado Cannabis Ranch and Amphitheater is the $35million project of Christian Hageseth, the president of American Cannabis Partners. The Ranch is located about 30 minutes outside of downtown Denver and will host the world’s first “weedery”, when it opens in early 2016.

The weedery, sprawling a whopping 50 acres, will offer visitors the opportunity to tour a marijuana cultivation facility in a greenhouse setting. The facility is designed to give visitors the true marijuana experience, from seed to sale. People will be able to interact with the expert staff who are there to maintain the plants as well as educate their curious guests.

Greenhouse Grow

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The transition from indoor grow operations to large-scale greenhouse facilities in Colorado is a relatively new practice, especially in urban areas. Hageseth, the inventor of the weedery concept, is also the founder of the Green Man Cannabis company, a Denver dispensary. In an interview with the NY Times, Hageseth recalled how he came up with the weedery concept—

“I was starting to build out our first grow and it was incredibly expensive. I thought, “This can’t be the best way.” We were growing indoors because marijuana had been illegal, so that’s how it had been done. I started thinking about greenhouses and had an epiphany. I felt like Michelangelo when he saw David in the marble and just had to let him out”.

Changed Perception

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Hageseth and his investors believe that the weedery will help change the fleeting negativity attached to marijuana. Though the weedery isn’t designed to persuade its visitors one way or another regarding legalization, Hageseth hopes that a visit to the weedery will help to open people’s minds.

“I have a lot of reasons to want to demystify marijuana, said Hageseth. It’s good business, but there are social justice reasons. I am inviting people to these facilities to come in as guests. It’s not about making statements about what’s right or wrong. It’s about putting marijuana back in nature and letting people make their own decisions”.

The Colorado Cannabis Ranch will also host an amphitheater. Visitors will be invited to enjoy music performances alongside the thriving greenhouses. Though, current laws prohibit visitors to smoke at the proposed venue, they will still be able to dance to the music alongside the cannabis plants. There will be a dispensary location attached to the ranch as well. Visitors can purchase samples of the strains they see growing in the greenhouse.

The weedery seems like a great idea that will attract locals and tourists alike. Combining cannabis, music, food, and education in one beautiful setting could be the recipe for success in Denver’s cannabis scene. Hopefully Colorado law will soon change to allow visitors the chance to smoke onsite. But whether or not they can smoke, they will certainly enjoy the sights and smells of the beautiful cannabis plants growing in the weedery.

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Dec 23, 2015