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2 Chainz Takes The World’s Most Expensive Hit

Check out this video of 2 Chainz showing us how the upscale herbal aficionado can spend a pretty penny.

Want to see just how upscale smoking herb has gone? Take a peek with 2 Chainz as he has a THC banquet worth half a million dollars! From high-end glass to wax sheets full of dab, this is the cream of the cannabis lover’s crop.

How to blaze an ounce in one hit

Showing 2 Chainz how to do dabs, Dr. Dina loads him up a dab worth about $250, and we get to see the famous artist barely keep his feet under him. The dab sweats spare no man. They explain that in that one dab, he smoked 3 cups worth of weed!

Going for the gold

2 Chainz is notorious for his love of gold blunt wraps, and here he gets a few treats. First a microphone blunt with a gold grip and personalized inscription, and then an intricate pump-action shotgun blunt with working pump-action!

Special guests

The video features an appearance by 2 Chainz favorite “doctor”, Dr. Dina, the real-life inspiration for the character Nancy Botwin from Weeds. She gets him to hit a bowl out of a long stem face mask bong and has him saying:

That’s some evil get-high sh!t, man that’s some white people sh!t right there!

Then, out comes Adam Ill, to explain why this will be the most expensive smoke sesh he will ever have.

You took a $50,000 dollar hit out of a Banjo right there, you like it? You didn’t know that? The reason why some of these pieces are the way they are is just like any brand. Like fashion or alcohol. I could get like a regular cotton t-shirt from any store for like $5, or I could go into like the Versace store and get a cotton shirt and spend $500… It’s about that dabbin’, that lifestyle.

Would you blow that kind of cash on an upscale herbal lifestyle? Has the industry gone too far in its decadence, or is it genius to cater to the social elite to help shift attitudes and spur mainstream acceptance? Share your thoughts on social media or in the comments section below.

May 25, 2016 — Last Updated December 03, 2019

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May 25, 2016 — Last Updated December 03, 2019

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