7 Signs You’re Smoking With a Rookie

Although some people want you to believe that they’re seasoned stoners, here are 7 tell-tale signs that you’ve probably got a rookie on your hands.

While many proclaim themselves to be master stoners, to any true veteran, there are definitely a few signs that give away an individual’s rookie nature. Look out for these 7 habits the next time you decide to share a joint with a new smoking buddy…

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7 Signs You're Smoking With A Rookie

By The Stoner's Cookbook

Although some people want you to believe that they're seasoned stoners, here are 7 tell-tale signs that you've probably got a rookie on your hands.

  • 1. They Either Cough and/or Gag on the First Hit

    By The Stoner's Cookbook

    If you're a seasoned stoner, then the first hit and the next won't be that different and most of all, won't lead to a violent physical reaction.

  • 2. It Doesn't Take Long to Get Them High

    By The Stoner's Cookbook

    For any rookie, a few puffs will do the trick and next thing you know, they're as high as a kite and you're nowhere near that state. 

  • 3. They Have a Panic Attack Upon Getting High

    By The Stoner's Cookbook

    If you've never been high before, then an increased heart rate could really freak you out. Hence, if anyone around you starts hyperventilating during the middle of a session, that's a dead give-away. 

  • 4. They Can't Get the Hang of Rotation

    By The Stoner's Cookbook

    A rookie couldn't possibly understand the simple stoner etiquette of passing around the joint instead of hogging it. Furthermore, they won't be able to figure out the correct rotation order either.

  • 5. They Don't Think to Ash

    By The Stoner's Cookbook

    If you're ever handed a blunt with hot ash just ready to fall into your lap, burning through your clothing, burning you, and everything else in its path, then you may be smoking with a rookie.

  • 6. They Don't Know or Understand Stoner Slang

    By The Stoner's Cookbook

    Nothing's more frustrating than having to explain the meaning of commonly used stoner terms to a rookie. If they're commonly used, then the point is that everyone should understand right?

  • 7. They Only Smoke on 4/20

    By The Stoner's Cookbook

    To a true stoner, 4/20 really isn't the only day for smoking (though it's still reason to celebrate). 

September 10, 2014 — Last Updated
Written by HERB

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September 10, 2014 — Last Updated
Written by HERB

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