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8 Common Misconceptions About Female Smokers

Female presence in the joint rotation is much appreciated. But sadly there are still some misconceptions about female smokers out there.

Most female smokers out there probably find themselves in a joint circle that is made up mostly of male smokers. And most male smokers probably find that most of their smoking buddies are male, and a female presence in the joint rotation is much appreciated. But there are still some misconceptions out there about the female marijuana smoker.

Why is there still a stigma attached to the female smoker? This misconception probably lies in society’s structures of how a man and a woman should behave, rather than how they actually do behave.  With more and more people using marijuana due to the legalization movement spreading rapidly, it’s about time we cleared up some of these misconceptions.

1. She only has male friends

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Girls that smoke weed are often surrounded by guys that are either heavily involved in the weed scene or the drug scene in general. Some people think she doesn’t like being friends with women. This isn’t true. She has her sisters to smoke with too – but far less often than with her brothers.

2. She can’t hang out with non-smokers

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This notion is probably held mostly by female non-smokers who feel nervous being around their female friends who enjoy a toke every now and then. They think that she can’t hang out with people that don’t smoke. This isn’t true either, although it is more fun to hang out with people that share the love of weed!

3. She’s addicted

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More often than not, a girl who smokes regularly will be the target of more flack about her addiction than a guy who smokes every day. She is accused of being addicted, as though she will never be able to stop. For some reason it is seen as a crutch with women, but empowering for men. She could stop if she wanted to, but she enjoys it as much as the boys do.

4. It makes her badass

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A girl who smokes weed all the time is not necessarily a hard, mean bitch. Even this preconceived notion is held more often by a female smoker’s non-smoking female friends. It’s almost ironic that a lot of these misconceptions about women seem to stem from other women!

Well, weed doesn’t have a history of making anyone badass. Weed turns people into laughing, eating comedians rather than making someone hard and mean.

5. Stoner chicks only smoke alone

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This might not be true if she had some more female friends to smoke with. The truth is that most people would rather share marijuana among friends than alone, but if the moment calls for a private smoke then it should be delivered.

Stoner chicks don’t just smoke alone – they also smoke socially. And even if they do smoke alone more often than with friends, it shows independence and the peacefulness of a solo smoke!

6. She’s not going anywhere in life

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With women, smoking weed is too often associated as an addiction or something standing in the way of her and her dreams. This isn’t true because smoking marijuana is a choice for everyone, and a woman is just as much deserving of this choice without judgement as men are.

Maybe she smokes weed as a vehicle to where she is going in life, rather than a crutch that stands in the way.

7. Female smokers don’t have their lives together

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There is a lot of pressure in modern society for people to work laboriously their whole lives, and less of an emphasis is being put on relaxation and unwinding. A female smoker has her life together as much as any other person, maybe even more so because she is able to relax with marijuana.

Most often this misconception comes from a place of jealousy that a woman can have her life together and enjoy a relaxing joint at the end of the day.

8. You should stay away from the female smoker

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As if she is a bad seed or something. Let’s clear up this misconception by realizing that there is no reason to stay away from the female smoker. In fact, you should try and get closer to her. She might be one of the coolest chicks you ever did meet.

The real female smoker

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The truth is that there is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to an independent woman who knows she likes to smoke weed. She is probably way more in touch with herself than other females you know and is way more chilled out. Chances are she is an absolute hoot to smoke weed with!

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