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culture | 12.11.2019

This Artist Makes Mosaics From Old Roaches And They Are Amazing

Cliff Maynard is the creator of these amazing roach paper mosaic pieces of art. An amazing story of how marijuana is inspiring change in the world.

Would you like to see a revolution in marijuana art? An artist from Pittsburgh is making mosaics from old roach papers, and they are inspirational. His name is Cliff Maynard, and his inspiration comes not only from the marijuana that he smoked to collect his roach papers but from those he has been making art of. Cliff’s artistic expression seems to have begun with musical inspiration and a respect for those rebellious enough to make a change in the world.

This herbal artist is also becoming the one rebellious enough to make a change, creating something beautiful out of marijuana roach papers. Cliff Maynard’s art is so inspirational, it encourages us all to be fearlessly expressive of who we are in the world.

Marijuana DOES make you more creative

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Cliff Maynard began his artistic career as a tattoo artist, after having studied art in school, and, in particular, the technique of mosaics. He says he remembers seeing the tiles and making an instant connection with his roach papers, and this is where the inspiration for his art came from. Of course, this form of mosaicking is slightly more modern than what we could have expected from previous types of mosaics.

Cliff Maynard has been making mosaics of famous musicians such as Snoop Dogg, John Lennon, Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix. He has also mosaicked the likes of Jesus. He seems to have an affinity for those that revolutionized society, whether through music or prophecy. It is apparent that marijuana does make you more creative, opening the door to inspiration for new ideas.

Marijuana IS the new idea

roach art ci 2 This Artist Makes Mosaics From Old Roaches And They Are Amazing
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The ultimate message from all of this is that the new idea is the inspiration, which is coming from marijuana. It is not only inspiring art but is also inspiring all kinds of changes in the world. We are seeing new consciousness coming from the use of marijuana and it is undeniable.

“I’m always a little worried that I may run into some trouble for my art. That’s why I didn’t take my work public sooner. I think times are changing, though. The marijuana movement has been winning battles left and right.” – Maynard

There is, in fact, no reason to worry for people such as Cliff Maynard, about the risks of law enforcement. The truth is that those like Maynard, who are fearlessly expressing who they are through their art and love for marijuana, are the reason for the changing times. The incentive for legalization is the creativity and inspiration that marijuana encourages, and this roach art is another example of that.

What do you think of these amazing mosaic pieces? Let us know your thoughts on our social media or in the comments section below.

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