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Dr. Dina Discusses: 10 Do’s And Don’ts Of Smoking Weed

We’ve probably all been guilty of breaking at least one of these rules, but following them will certainly lead to pure happiness.

As the cannabis consultant to the stars, Dr. Dina has experienced some pretty extreme situations when it comes to smoking. Whether it’s sharing a nose joint or hitting a germ-covered blunt, Dr. Dina has seen it all and is ready to dish out some advice. To ensure you’re following proper procedures, follow Dr. Dina’s dos and don’ts of smoking.

1. Do clean your equipment

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Dirty bongs, pipes or rigs leave a terrible taste in every smokers’ mouth. Let the cannabis flavors shine through and always ensure your equipment is clean.

Add two or three capfuls of cranberry juice to your bong water, just until it’s pink, and the resin won’t stick to it. The resin just floats to the top. – Dr. Dina

2. Don’t be an extreme smoker

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Smoking isn’t a competitive sport. Some people try to take their smoking to the next level by creating extreme bongs or using ridiculous amounts of dabs or hash to create a massive hit. There’s no need to show off, everyone just wants to get high.

3. Do ensure proper passing

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No one likes when someone holds court of over the rig or bong. Do the right thing and puff, puff, pass.

4. Don’t soak a joint or blunt in spit… or worse

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There’s no reason to stick the entire joint end into your mouth. All it does is make a slobbery, squishy mess for the next person to deal with. No one wants to taste your spit.

I was smoking with Snoop and Bishop Don Magic Juan. Well, a few years back Bishop had some health problems and almost died. He was so scared he was going to die that he was praying to God saying, ‘I promise I’ll never put weed to my lips again if you let me live.’

So, he lived, and now he only smokes out of his nostrils, then hands it back to you. – Dr. Dina

5. Do respect dab rigs

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Whether the nail is made of quartz or titanium, cleaning it should always be a top priority. Just like a dirty bowl or bong, no one wants to taste resin.

It’s a pain, but you have to be really thorough after every dab hit and take your Q-tip and wipe it. I can go a month with a perfectly clean nail, then have someone over and in two minutes they’ve completely messed it up. – Dr. Dina

6. Don’t leave behind stale smoke

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Stale smoke is one of the foulest tasting substances on the planet. When you do encounter the unpleasant experience of ingesting some, the harsh taste causes instantaneous choking, while the smell burns and tickles your nostrils.

7. Do prepare before an event

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Proper hydration and preparation are necessary for a long day of dabbing, especially when events take place under the hot summer sun. A day full of smoking is meant to be fun for the entire crew. Don’t be the person who turns into the downer of the group, requiring the care and attention of everyone involved.

Whether it’s a concert, or party, or any event where you know it’s going to be hot out and you’ll be dabbing, you need to eat and drink enough water beforehand.

If you’re ill-prepared it just means everyone else has to stop and take care of you. That’s not fun for anyone. – Dr. Dina

8. Don’t share if you’re sick

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If you’re sick, just keep the cannabis to yourself. No one will care, we promise.

You’ll be at a Cup and you’ll see this guy hacking, like a bad cough, then they’ll come over and be like ‘hey, here’s my joint, here’s my weed, I just grew it and I’d really love for you to try it.’ What are you supposed to say to that? If you know you’re sick or not feeling well, don’t share. – Dr. Dina

9. Do throw down

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It’s important to carry your own weight. When it comes time to roll up the next blunt or pack the next bowl, be sure you to toss in your fair share of cannabis.

10. Don’t help yourself

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If you notice someone has left their stash sitting in plain sight, it doesn’t mean the goods are up for grabs. Never dip into another person’s supply without asking first. It’s bad manners and just downright rude.

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