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legalization | 12.05.2019

You Can’t Mix Bud & Booze In Denver Bars, Say City Officials

Watch this video to hear why state officials are changing their minds about allowing people to consume cannabis at Denver bars.

When news broke that Denver is approving public cannabis consumption, weed enthusiasts everywhere couldn’t help but rejoice. In fact, 53.5 percent of voters were for Initiative 300, which states that it’s okay to consume cannabis at bars. However, state officials are now deciding that cannabis and alcohol need not mix. Although some professionals agree with the new rule, cannabis advocates, like Wanda James, are against it. Be sure to check out the video below to hear why state officials are changing their minds.

Ignoring Initiative 300

Thanks to Initiative 300 and 53.5 percent of Denver voters, businesses with permits can allow public cannabis consumption beginning in January. However, just days after passing the measure, people will no longer be able to use cannabis at bars.

Initially, Initiative 300 made it legal to use cannabis at many places, including bars, yoga studios and coffee shops. Because of the studies that state that alcohol mixed with pot increases the risk of car crashes and higher impairment, bars are no longer on the list.

Some Denver professionals agree with the new rule, but cannabis advocates aren’t too happy with the sudden change. Challys Maybee, a bar patron, has mixed feelings on the matter,

Tourists (and) everyone needs a safe place where they can exercise their rights. But in a bar, it’s definitely an imposition on other people’s rights. Not everyone is for marijuana.

Although other professionals in the alcohol industry have feelings similar to Maybee’s, cannabis industry experts, including Wanda James, believe the new rule treats people as though they are criminals,

We’ve legalized cannabis. People are excited to come in record numbers, and come to Denver and come to Colorado and spend money. And then when they come here and legally buy cannabis, we then treat them as criminals because there is nowhere for them to consume here in Denver.

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