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legalization | 12.05.2019

Shocking Footage Leaked Of Prisoner Cutting Up Cannabis Resin

While officers are aware of the flow of drugs into the prison, they say there is little they can do to stop it, especially as this was delivered by a drone.

When incarcerated, some prisoners will do almost anything to get their hands on the drugs they once did on the street. While many of us might not view cannabis as a drug, European law enforcement does, but that didn’t stop one inmate from brazenly distributing resign throughout the jail. Even more surprising is the way this prisoner is having the cannabis delivered. Guards are aware of the issues inside their prison, but fear there is little they can do to stop the influx from coming.

Prison deals

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It might be one thing to smuggle drugs into a prison, it’s a whole other situation when you’re using a contraband camera to document the entire experience. It’s a bold attempt at showing officials exactly who is in charge of the facility.

Inmates at a U.K. prison did just that and have yet to face any consequences from staff members.

In a video that was released to YouTube, an inmate can be seen using a five-inch blade, a terrifying image by itself, to cut up a nine-ounce bar of cannabis resin.

On the street, this cannabis is valued over $1,100. In jail, that price nearly triples, making the dealer the most powerful person in prison in the eyes of other inmates.

Insiders understand the danger this cannabis can bring within the prison walls, but these criminals don’t seem to care.

The drug was dropped off by a drone. There were others sent as test runs. The big block was the main one and it arrived without a hitch. It was cut into ounces, halves and eighths and went quickly. The guy is chopping up thousands of pounds worth of drugs bold as brass and no one’s batting an eyelid.

You might expect this at a dealer’s hideout away from prying eyes – not in a secure prison. An ounce was going for £275. It’s so easy to get in these days, the officers know but can’t stop it.

Taming the cannabis trade

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The reason inmates sent the video to be uploaded was to show what little work officials are doing to stop the drug flow in jails. Over the last year, the corrections department has been the subject of much ridicule due to their lack of control over prison crises.

This inmate even takes the time to leisurely shoot footage through the window in the cell, showing that the group was in no rush to finish the breakdown.

Joe Chapman, an ex-prison officer is absolutely disgusted by what he sees in the footage,

This is appalling footage. Not only has a quarter kilo of cannabis been smuggled in, but it’s being cut with a five-inch knife that can be used to maim or murder.

The dangers go far beyond the drug smuggling. Officials often deal with intoxicated prisoners who try to fight back and, while under the influence, have the potential to cause real harm, especially with access to blades.

A Prison Service spokesperson is assuring the public these matters are being handled and will not be tolerated within the facility.

These are disturbing images and we have launched an investigation. Crime in our prisons will not be tolerated and we will work with the police to push for prosecution of those involved.

In the meantime, prisoners continue to smuggle in cannabis and many other drugs, to meet the demands within the facility.

The distributing offenders risk a significant increase in their sentences if officials discover who is responsible for the crimes.

How would you handle the drug smuggling? Share with us on Facebook, Twitter or in the comment section below.

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