Video Of Woman Blowing Smoke Into Toddler’s Face Is The Worst

Somebody, please smack these stupid people! Viral video shows lousy parents hotboxing child.

As socially responsible cannabis users, we face a lot of scrutiny. There a lot of false stigmas out there we have to strive every day to break down. But with anything, from football fans to politicians, one bad apple identified as an example of the whole screws it for the rest of us. Worse, it never fails that those idiots end up with their antics blasted across the internet. Take for instance the behavior of these dumbasses in the video below.

Bad parents

In a video that instantly went viral, until Facebook took it down, four adults pass around what looks like a joint. No big deal, except they partake with a child in the immediate vicinity. As if hot boxing wasn’t a bad enough idea, these losers actually blow the smoke directly in the young kid’s face! Outrageous!

I’ve heard of bad parenting choices with giving a kid Benadryl to make them mellow. I’ve seen pictures of toddlers getting ahold of beers. None of those things are acceptable, and neither is this. They even appear to stick the joint in the kid’s mouth.

Unfortunately, you can’t even say that we don’t know if it was cannabis. At the point one adult blows smoke in the kid’s face, the kid backs away and the adults laugh.

No more getting high?

He’s all blazing it.

The power of peer pressure

If we want to avoid the widespread backlash of being lumped in with the likes of these losers, we need to be proactive. Peer pressure works both ways.

As cannabis lovers and activists, we have to exhibit some self-policing. Otherwise, society will continue to think that we need the mandatory kind. Keep the dumbasses from giving the rest of us a bad name. Or at least try.

This is not what we mean when we talk about children being helped with medical cannabis. This is abuse. Apparently filmed in Idaho on a reservation, the two women in the video have been arrested and face charges of child endangerment, but names and mugshots have been withheld. The two men featured have yet to be arrested as of this report.

Outraged? Ashamed? Do you think this only serves to encourage Idaho to continue denying cannabis legalization? Tell us on social media or in the comments below.

August 27, 2016 — Last Updated December 04, 2019

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August 27, 2016 — Last Updated December 04, 2019

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