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travel | 01.01.2022

How To Live The Ultimate Colorado High Life

For a truly immersive Colorado experience, only one company lets guests get the best of both worlds. Time to live the High Life the right way.

Spring is in full swing. The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, and most people can’t wait to get out for Spring Break. So how do vacationers and tourists make the most of their time? They live the High Life the right way.

High Life: The trip of a lifetime

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Colorado is one of the hottest getaway destinations in North America. It features water recreation, frozen or liquid, on massive slopes and beautiful lakes. The amazing cuisines, luxury accommodations, and family-friendly activities in the State alone set it apart.

But Colorado has something fun for everyone, and cannabis tours come in at the top. For the ultimate in luxury service and cannabis friendly options, more and more tourists are going to Colorado Highlife Tours.

The Colorado High Life experience means more than just dispensary hops, giving all the perks of a traditional tour. Informative guides teach the history of the cities and the mountains and help guests discover all that Colorado has to offer.

Museums, nightclubs, shopping, dining, microbrew tours, or gambling in the casinos are all on the menu! Adding anything from skydiving to wine-tasting to a trip is as easy as a few clicks.

They don’t skimp on the green side, either. Tourists get to visit a real grow operation, glass shop, and some of the best stores in the Denver area.

Only Colorado High Life Tours feature a “Colorado Cannabis Club Crawl Tour“, where they visit cannabis lounges in Colorado Springs and sight see, plus a meal for only $190.00 per adult.

Enjoy the stay the right way

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It isn’t a cannabis experience without enjoying the herb. Newcomers might not know the rules on where to light up, and only a limited number of hotels allowing use at all. It makes a world of difference to know where to stay before booking.

Colorado High Life Tours help keep clients within the law by helping them secure cannabis friendly hotels and transportation as part of their stay. They also provide a choice between private or group tours, so travelers can enjoy Colorado at their own pace.

For those not wanting the view obscured by smoke, non-smoking tours are also available.

Whatever someone’s budget, Colorado High Life Tours has the perfect package.

  • Want a quick weekend getaway? Try the “Red Eye Weekender” package for the budget conscious.
  • Ready to get elevated? The “Elevated” Package lets 420 tourists rest in comfort and smoke in luxury.
  • Want the ultimate vacation? The “Buds and Breakfast” package includes stately accommodations and outside areas to blaze peacefully.

Don’t settle for a service that only caters to one facet of such an amazing state. Enjoy it all. See more and do more with Colorado High Life Tours.

To find out more, visit their Facebook page, or their website coloradohighlifetours.com.

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