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Have You Heard Why Hotels are Removing Room 420?

Have you ever walked past room number 420 in a hotel and been tempted to steal the room number? Hotels in the USA are fighting back!

Any herb enthusiast is well acquainted with the term “420” and what it means in cannabis culture. Apparently, hotel companies around the USA are also well aware of this piece of stoner slang. In fear that stoners will hotbox the room 420 or hijack the number on the door, some hotels have completely avoided having a room 420 altogether. 

Room 420 thieves

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Almost every stoner around the world is familiar with 420. This has meant that hotels have generally suffered at the hands of stoner deviants who like to steal hotel door signs that say 420 just for laughs. Out of frustration, hotel owner’s and staff have gone so far as to remove the 420 signs from the door and just stencil it on. That way no stoners can walk past and steal the room number from the door.

Stoners don’t need an excuse to hot box

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Some hotels are playing it even more safe by removing room 420 altogether from their room numbers. It´s kind of a superstitious move – the same way hotels went mad some decades ago and removed level 13 and room number 13. Other hotels have been even more creative with their solution, labelling room 420 as “419 + 1”. However, this looks like something a stoner would probably want to steal more.

The reality of this situation is that a room doesn’t really need to be labelled “420” for stoners to have a reason to hot box it. Hotel owners are probably being a little bit enthusiastic by thinking that taking down the room number will deter deviant stoners from enjoying a joint or two in there, especially in states where it is legal!

Well, whether it’s 4:20 on the clock, or 420 on the room number, stoners will be waiting to celebrate their favorite herb and their favorite time of day. So if you want your local hotels to say marijuana friendly, please don’t go stealing the room numbers.

Have you ever stolen or stayed in room 420? Let us know your thoughts on our social media or in the comments below.

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