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travel | 12.02.2019

Weed Weddings Are Now A Thing At Denver’s International Church Of Cannabis

In the post-legalization states, such as Colorado, cannabis connoisseurs can tie the knot with weed weddings, or a “weeding.”

If you would prefer a ceremony that has a smokable bouquet and toasts that have attendees take a toke instead of raising a glass, well, maybe you need to check out the weed weddings being offered at the International Church of Cannabis might be the ideal location for you, especially if you’re a Colorado cannabis connoisseur (or would like to travel for your nuptials).

Denver’s International Church of Cannabis is offering weed weddings

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The church, located in Denver’s West Washington Park neighborhood, has just announced that it will begin offering wedding services in the cannabis-friendly environment.

Since it opened its door on 420 of this year, the church has had a lot of people asking if marriage ceremonies would be offered, which might be the case.

The church, run by Elevation Ministries, says it has received a lot of interest in offering the service since its inception on April 20 of this year. But, if you do get married at the church, just don’t expect to light up afterward to celebrate your wedding vows.

That’s because lawmakers have reiterated that there is no religious exemption that will get around the state’s public consumption law.

Currently, the wedding packages are being offered via the Church of Cannabis’ Indiegogo fundraising page, at a discounted price of $4,200. But, to one lucky couple, the Church is also giving away one free package through a contest that is sponsored by Bang Digital.

What church?

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Before you get married there, you might want to know a bit more about the International Church of Cannabis, right?

The International Church of Cannabis is a religious organization, which uses cannabis as a sacrament, but doesn’t adhere to a specific dogma. Although some see the religious group as trying to skirt public consumption laws. A member of the congregation, Lee Malloy, laughed at the notion.

If that were the case, this would be an expensive and inefficient way to get stoned. We’re interested in building something larger here – a community that supports each other as we each discover our own paths. – Molloy

The cannabis-friendly church that is housed in an 113-year-old church (that once served people of the Lutheran faith) is located at 400 South Logan Street, Denver, which is said to already have more than 800 members of its congregation.

Vegas, baby!

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But you don’t have to be religious to be married in a weed wedding, as there are chapels in Vegas that can be the perfect venue for your 420 friendly nuptials. One of those is the Cannabis Chapel, which performs pot-themed ceremonies and vow renewals, in the heart of Sin City’s historic wedding district.

The Cannabis Chapel was the first wedding chapel in Las Vegas to offer a “weeding” that could be a great alternative, if you prefer to keep it secular and a bit more fun – but, even then, smoking is always fun.

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