Feel uplifted with Radiate by WDBX, carefully grown indoors in the springtime. Hand trimmed and dried you can be sure to taste the time and patience invested in the natural growing methods. The Sativa dominant strain gives users a more energetic and active buzz throughout their day with the impressive mid to high THC content and minimal CBD. The Sativa effects are punchy and lasting.

Radiate has a pleasant Myrcene forward terpene profile. With its fruity, clove-like aroma Myrcene is also found in mangoes, hops, ylang-ylang and wild thyme. The presence of such flavours and senses will lead your senses on a forest-like journey with all of the natural piney and woody notes.

With a medium THC content at 21% and low CBD profile at 1% this gives users a higher euphoric feeling, this strain has been reported to get the creative juices flowing and help in powering on through the day with the energising effects. Perfect for cleaning, cooking and mastering your day productively!


13-21 %
1 %


Full Body
1 hour


Otherwise known as Weedbox, WDBX is focused on how each user defines their cannabis journey. The team firmly believes that cannabis can enhance a user’s life by living by design. By living in the present to thoroughly enjoy music, travel, art, food, or whatever your heart’s desire, WDBX wants to create a life with purpose. Through their collection of accessories, it’s possible to be as discreet as you want, or as loud as can be with your stash. Don’t lock yourself away, embrace what life has to offer in a multitude of ways.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto