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Lingua D8THC+ TinctureSpyglass Wellness

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Relax and Unwind with Lingua™ D8THC+ tincture, enhanced with THCV, CBN,  CBC, and more.

Lingua™ D8THC+ is a sublingual tincture made with a mixture of functional cannabinoids. Specifically formulated to deliver effects of calmness, motivation, and happiness. 

  • Minor Cannabinoids in Lingua™ D8THC | THCV | CBC | CBN | D9-THC (less than .3%) D9THC
  • Potency: 1000mg+
  • 100 doses per bottle

With Lingua™ you can bake goodies by dosing butters and oils used in your favorite recipes. But that’s not all, you can also use it to super-boost coffee, shakes, salads, and more. The perfect option for a vegan keto, or gluten-free diet. Lingua™ D8THC+ is tested to the highest standards at a facility licensed with the  KDA, registered with the DEA, and accredited to the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard by PJLA with accreditation.

Delta 8 THCtincture


Full Body
1 hour

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto