Strain Sense: The Weirdest Strain Names In The World

From funny names, to bizarre and some a bit gross, the cannabis world is characterized by variety, and strain names are no exception.

The name of different cannabis strains can tell you many things, such as their lineage, whether it is sweet or sour, whether it has earthy, gas, or woody notes, or by simply bringing a smile to your face because of their name.

Cannabis companies have taken advantage of the large market they have on their hands and have gotten quite creative with marketing, which includes naming their strains.

The funny or weird names strains now can tell you a lot about them or serve as a rather peculiar conversation starter.

In theory, there is a demand for virtually any new marijuana strain. Some names are great descriptors of what the smell, taste, or high will be like. They can also tell you their lineage or history, while other names are just plain crazy. And if right off the bat, the strain name sounds interesting to you, you’ll be more inclined to buy it out of sheer curiosity.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 of the strangest strain names in the world.

Let’s take a look at them.

Cat Piss

Unfortunately, this hybrid of Sativa predominance gets its name in a very deserved way. 

The aroma it gives off is very similar to cat piss, which is similar to ammonia, but the flavor is much more pleasant. This strain even has several fans who swear it is a complete delight.

There are several versions of Cat Piss, coming from Super Silver Haze, Afghan Landrace, or Trainwreck. In addition, there is another strain called Cheetah Piss.

Electric Banana on Fire

It may seem that we are inventing this name, but there is a strain called Electric Banana on Fire.

t is a cross between Banana OG and Hell Face of Fire. This Sativa-dominant strain really does smell like bananas.

Where’s My Bike

This name seems perfect to us. This strain comes from a mix of Amnesia and Biker Kush.

This strain is predominantly Sativa and is known to cause euphoric and intoxicating effects.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien

This hybrid strain with this particular name comes from the combination of Tiger’s Milk and Starfighter.

This strain is known to produce powerful sedation throughout the body, perfect for insomniacs.

The history of the name is unknown, but it is certainly a unique way of naming a cannabis strain.

Purple Monkey Balls

Purple will give you the idea that it is a strain with grape-like flavors. Monkey Balls is left to your imagination, but it really refers to the large, round, purple buds that the cannabis plant produces.

Purple Monkey Balls is an Indica strain that was created by crossing a purple strain from Northern California – possibly Granddaddy Purple – with an Afghani indica called Deep Chunk.

Grandpa’s Breath

This strain probably gets its name as an indicator of the possible musty smell you can expect. But it’s not as horrible as it sounds.

This indica-dominant strain is a cross of OG Kush and Granddaddy Purple.

The initial smell is an earthy funk and reminiscent of dank foliage. However, some users claim that they also have slight hints of diesel if the buds are broken up.

Many users also suggest that it has a strange taste that you either love or hate.

Sweet Tooth

This is a relatively old variety, being moderately indica dominant. When consuming Sweet Tooth, you’ll notice the sweet caramel aroma that can remind you of tree fruit, but don’t be surprised if, on any exhale, you sense woody tones.

Once lit, the fragrant aroma of the flowers lingers long after the bud leaves the room. There’s no doubt that the strain offers a taste so sweet it can hurt your teeth.

Dog's Shit

Don’t worry. This is not a case of the strain having the name of what it tastes or smells like. You can rest assured, but to be honest, we think the initial smell can be pretty bad (even awful). However, the taste is not bad. It can be similar to berries with hints of citrus.

Dog’s Shit is a cross between Cambodia, Hippie Trail Afghani, Colombian Gold, and Purple Zacatecas. This unusual combination has a slight Sativa dominance with a THC content of 15-20% and low levels of CBD.

Great White Shark

If you imagine yourself in the sea with something lurking underneath you, the name has had its effect.

Like any great white shark, you should respect it and appreciate its power. Great White Shark is a very potent indica.


Everything you need to know about indica

If you know what MK-Ultra is, you will know how dense this whole subject attributed to the CIA is. If you don’t, open google and find out for yourself.

This mind control program gives its name to the eponymous strain. MK-Ultra is a cross between G-13 and OG Kush. G-13 is the subject of a top-secret urban legend related to the CIA.

Final Thoughts

If any of these names have caught your eye, maybe that’s your cue to try them and step out of your old reliable stock, at least to try a little something different.

Undoubtedly they are different strains with quite peculiar names. But like everything in the wide world of cannabis, they will always find their followers. Even the strains with the strangest names have their lovers.

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