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Strains Sense: 5 Best Strains For At-Home Edibles

Consider these five potent strains when whipping up your next batch of edibles.

Not all cannabis consumers are smokers. Some prefer the heavy and hard-hitting nature of edibles.

Let’s face it, the high from edibles can be a whole lot stronger than the high from a joint or a bowl. It can last longer too.

For this reason, you may want to start making your own edibles with your strain of choice.

We understand that consumers desire different experiences, maybe a Sativa edible during the day and an Indica edible in the evening.

That’s why we’ve listed five of the best strains for edibles, one for each variety. Take a look at the best Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains for edible-making below.

Best Sativa: Super Sour Diesel

When you’re looking for an uplifting, euphoric, and energetic experience, look to Super Sour Diesel.

It’s a strong and potent Sativa strain that’s famous for kicking stress to the curb and combating physical pain. It’s also an excellent strain to help channel your inner creative side.

Socializing is a breeze with Super Sour Diesel, but proceed with caution, as it’s a powerful strain with an average THC content of 23-26%.

Best Sativa-Dominant Hybrid: Sour OG

When you still want a burst of energy but prefer a more balanced and relaxed high, consider using Sour OG in your next batch of edibles.

It’s a popular Sativa-dominant hybrid that produces mild and comforting relaxation alongside cerebral stimulation and mental energy.

Some smokers describe this powerful strain as a “one-hit-quit” because of its potency and high THC content of 21-23%.

Best Hybrid: Strawberry Banana AKA Strawnana

Anyone can benefit from a blissful and balanced hybrid strain like Strawberry Banana, aka Strawnana.

The top effects produced by this high-quality strain are relaxation, ease, uplifted sensations, heightened creativity, and overall peacefulness.

Plus, it’s an incredibly flavorful, sweet, and fruity strain, making it an excellent choice to scarf down in edibles.

Best Indica-Dominant Hybrid: Biscotti

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If you prefer to lean towards the calming end of the scale but still want a relatively balanced high, try the hybrid Biscotti.

It’s a renowned strain with a high THC content of 22-25%. It produces soothing cerebral effects that calm the user’s mind and body, helping them get creative, loosen up, and chill out.

It’s also a great strain to help beat depression, anxiety, and stress.

Best Indica: Face Off OG

Face Off OG is a rich, delightful, and potent Indica strain that gives users a one-way ticket to bliss land.

The most common effects are dizzying euphoria that starts in the head and waves over the body like a weighted blanket.

Its THC content sits around 24%, and the entire experience is so psychoactive that it’s almost psychedelic. Beginners and those prone to cannabis-induced anxiety/paranoia should proceed with caution.

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