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strains | 01.01.2022

$100 OG Marijuana Strain

$100 OG is a Hybrid marijuana strain. Its name is a shot at pricey Hollywood dispensaries, but you’d be happy to pay $100 for this euphoric, creative herb.

Marijuana enthusiasts who like well-balanced Hybrids, will love $100 OG. However, “well-balanced” does not mean weak. This OG Kush offspring boasts one powerful high. Experience with cannabis is recommended.

$100 OG Experience

Though $100 OG is an OG Kush offspring, this strain tends to be a 50/50 split between Indica and Sativa. If it does err to one side, it may be slightly Indica-dominant.

With such an even split, marijuana enthusiasts can expect the effects to be heavenly. The Indica provides a relaxing physical experience, while the Sativa lineage provides lively and energizing mental effects.

True to OG form, this strain can be very potent. THC levels have tested as high as 24% in some samples. High levels of the psychoactive make $100 OG a heavy hitter.

In high doses, the body/mind combination can be sedative and intense, especially for novice marijuana consumers. The sedation is not like that a pure Indica, but it is strong enough to be saved for the evening or when cannabis fans have few things to do.


Traits of $100 OG and $100 OG Seeds

The OG Kush heritage is nicely highlighted in this strain’s aroma. The distinct sweet pine scent has hints of an almost fuel-like acidity. This powerful odor, while pleasing to marijuana enthusiasts, can be a little overpowering if discretion is the order of the day.

A sweet, nutty and earthy inhale is complimented by some blueberry and diesel notes that more experienced marijuana consumers will no doubt pick up on.

The strain supposedly is a punch on Hollywood dispensaries. At one time, they were reportedly charging $100 for an eighth of cannabis.


Medical Benefits of $100 OG

Medical consumers utilize $100 OG for a variety of ailments.

  • The sedative effects may be beneficial for anxiety or recovering from a stressful event
  • It’s also a top-notch nausea fighter and tends to be loved by those with gastrointestinal distress
  • The powerful body-numbing effects make $100 OG an excellent choice for pain. If you have a high cannabis tolerance, you may be able to use this as afternoon pain management in small doses. However, you’re dipping into a slippery slope with this one-hit-and-quit flower

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