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Agent Orange Marijuana Strain

Jack The Ripper
Orange Velvet
Agent Orange is a Hybrid marijuana strain with a distinct orange flavor. Agent Orange leaves you feeling energetic and uplifted, making it a great option to help marijuana consumers manage anxiety and stress.

Agent Orange smells like fresh citrus with mood-lifting properties to boot. This strain is a well-balanced hybrid that features two dominant phenotypes. Marijuana consumers can expect average THC levels of around 15%, which puts this strain in line with other Hybrid cannabis options.


Agent Orange Experience

Expect to feel uplifted, motivated, and mellow after a few puffs of this strain. A truly balanced hybrid, Agent Orange is great for body and mind. Those with headaches or minor pains will enjoy this happy herb. Marijuana enthusiasts looking for a daytime option will enjoy the relatively brief high this strain offers, usually somewhere between 20 to 40 minutes. A pleasant body stone accompanies the head buzz, but not enough to incapacitate most marijuana consumers.


Traits of Agent Orange and Agent Orange Seeds

There are two varieties of Agent Orange available. First is the Hybrid cross between Orange Velvet and Jack The Ripper. The second is bred by TGA Subcool Seeds. The TGA Subcool version is a cross between Orange Skunk, Jack's Cleaner, and Space Queen. Both types are known for their unique aroma.

As the name might suggest, this strain has an unmistakable orange scent. Seeds from this strain tend to produce two dominant phenotypes, one being slightly stickier and taller than the other. Flavorwise, both phenotypes combine the titular orange with a sharp cheese flavor that sticks to the tongue, along with a slightly herbal aftertaste.


Medical Benefits of Agent Orange

This strains short-term effects and clear-headed buzz make it a great option for medical marijuana patients looking for a daytime option.

  • Stress, anxiety and depression are typically relieved by this strain

  • While not recommended for more chronic pain, this strain can help marijuana patients to manage infrequent or more minor pain

  • Those who suffer from migraines or even fatigue can find some relief thanks to this weed strain


Pain Relief



Flowering Period

58 to 66 days

Average Yield

High: 450 to 500 g/m2

Outdoor Harvest Date


Average Height

Up to 10 feet

Growing Tips

The best way to grow this strain is to top it and train it into a bush. While Agent Orange is high-yield, expect most of it to show up in the last few weeks in the grow cycle.


Detroit, Michigan
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Bellingham, Washington
Seattle, Washington
Tacoma, Washington
Portland, Oregon
Salem, Oregon
Los Angeles, California
Phoenix, Arizona
Las Vegas, Nevada

Grow Difficulty


Food Pairing

Agent Orange's sweet and spicy aroma is best paired with creamy dishes, like alfredo sauce, custards, and quiche or fritatas.

May Help



Caryophyllene - Pepper
Humulene - Hops
Myrcene - Musk, mango
Pinene - Pine

Negative Effect(s)

Dry Eyes
Dry Mouth
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Anna Wilcox

Anna Wilcox is a Pacific Northwest native with a passion for cannabis and natural health. Contact her on Twitter @delilahbfield.
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