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Black Cherry Cheesecake Marijuana Strain

Black Cherry Cheesecake is an Indica-dominant Hybrid strain that offers marijuana consumers a clear-headed, creative buzz with some powerful, full-body relaxation effects. Supposedly bringing together the desirable traits of Super Silver Haze, Cheese and Black Cherry Soda, this Southern Oregon strain, with mysterious origins offers cannabis enthusiasts a unique flavor profile and average levels of THC content.

Black Cherry Cheesecake is a Hybrid marijuana strain that will make you feel relaxed and creative. With its has cheese and berry flavors, it’s not hard to see where it’s alluring name came from.

Black Cherry Cheesecake Experience

Black Cherry Cheesecake is an excellently balanced strain for marijuana consumers looking to relax while holding onto a creative spark. The high takes around ten minutes to set in, and cannabis fans can expect to feel a slight buzz of energy and focus before the cannabis opens up and offers total relaxation, bordering on couch-lock. Marijuana consumers smoking at home will definitely find themselves slipping into slow-moving relaxation mode, while those who are on the go with Black Cherry Cheesecake might want to find somewhere to lay low.

This cannabis strain’s combination of THC content, which sits between 17-21%, and CBD content, 0.24% on average, offer weed enthusiasts a nice balance of head and body buzz and can produce some rather giggly effects in the right setting. Be forewarned, this strain is sure to have you reaching for the snacks.


Traits of Black Cherry Cheesecake and Black Cherry Cheesecake Seeds

Black Cherry Cheesecake lives up to its name with a unique flavor profile that includes the sweet berry and black cherry flavors from its Black Cherry Soda parents and faint, somewhat acrid hints of cheese. There is a strong aftertaste, where the notes of cheese really come to the forefront. Cannabis consumers will pick up on the same earthy, black cherry and berry notes in the aroma — this is a strain that really lives up to its name.

Black Cherry Cheesecake plants produce beautiful, well-formed flowers. Buds are dense, typical of Indica strains, whereas the pale green leaves are covered in orange pistils. Often lavender or pink patches that occur in cold weather thanks to the anthocyanins, making for quite an attractive marijuana plant. As no grower has taken ownership of this particular plant, seeds are not readily available, so those looking to grow will have to acquire a cutting.


Medical Benefits of Black Cherry Cheesecake

This strain offers medical marijuana patients relief and management for a number of conditions.

  • Black Cherry Cheesecake’s combination of Indica and Sativa effects make it well suited as a treatment for ailments such as anxiety, chronic stress, and migraines.
  • Marijuana consumers dealing with neck pain and other more chronic pains will find this an effective strain for them
  • Those struggling with lack of appetite or muscle spasms will find relief with this strain


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