Bubba OG Marijuana Strain

Bubba OG is an Indica-dominant strain that produces a dreamy, relaxing high, and boasts a highly refreshing spicy, citrus flavor.

Bubba OG Weed; Bubba OG Cannabis Strain; Bubba OG Indica Marijuana Strain

Bubba OG is a potent Indica-dominant strain. Despite its high THC content, it gives enthusiasts a mellow body high that doesn’t tend to overwhelm or produce freakouts. This is a great evening chill-out strain, and could come in handy for relieving milder chronic pain, as well as stimulating the appetite. It also has a widely-liked smell and taste.


Bubba OG Experience

Bubba OG is a recently engineered Indica-dominant strain, not to be confused with its famous parent, Bubba Kush, which was mixed with Ghost OG to produce a mellow marijuana. As is typical of Indica-driven strains, this is tranquilizing weed, rather than energizing. It’s a great go-to for zoning out, de-stressing, and getting ready for the best sleep of your life.

However, despite its sky-high THC level, it isn’t a totally overwhelming experience. Enthusiasts describe mellow, dreamy highs with a tranquilizing character. Along with being fun, this high is great for relieving mild pain, as well as stimulating the appetite. Also, it doesn’t frequently produce freakouts or paranoia, although these are still possible, of course.

The only notable downside to the strain is that consumers report especially intense dry eye and dry mouth. So, it’s perhaps advisable to get some seltzer before taking a big hit of this cannabis.


Traits of Bubba OG and Bubba OG Seeds

Bubba OG is a nice marijuana to look at. It consists of little dark green conical nuggets covered with rust-colored pistils. It’s also covered with glittery trichomes.

It smells very earthy, with a refreshing citrus finish. This extends to the smoke itself, which is smooth, heavy, earthy, and spicy. Consumers generally speak quite highly of the smell and taste, comparing it to the properties of high-quality hash.


Medical Benefits of Bubba OG

Medical marijuana patients looking for a strain to enjoy in the evening may have found a new favorite in this Bubba Kush descendent.

  • Dreamy high may prove to be an excellent sedative for those suffering from persistent insomnia and stress.
  • Stimulates the appetite in consumers suffering from appetite loss.
  • May relieve mild aches and pains, such as joint aches or headaches.
December 12, 2017 — Last Updated
Written by Dan Ophaug

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December 12, 2017 — Last Updated
Written by Dan Ophaug

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