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Bubble Gum Marijuana Strain

Bubble Gum is a Hybrid marijuana strain. This easy to grow plant offers sweet pink bubblegum flavors, leaving marijuana consumers feeling happy, creative and focused.

Seeking a low-key and versatile hybrid? Bubble Gum is a classic strain with pleasant and mild-mannered effects. Leaning slightly sedative, Bubble Gum is one cool cat. Expect some serious relaxation and creative inspiration from this sweet-scented flower. However, expect to find yourself yawning and cloudy-headed if you overdo it.

Bubble Gum’s genetics may be a bit of a mystery, but this award-winning hybrid is sure to put a smile on your face. Easy to grow, flavorful, and high in THC, there’s no reason not to love Bubble Gum.

Bubble Gum Experience

Classified as a hybrid, Bubble Gum is perhaps a bit on the sleepy and laid back side. Though, many consider this flower a fairly even split between indica and sativa cultivars. Perfect for those who would love some artistic motivation, Bubble Gum is thought to encourage creative thought and expression. This would be a great strain for a home project, or, for those who do creative work for a living.

Most consumers find that Bubble Gum provides a happy and upbeat vibe, thanks to a little Sativa in the mix, that isn’t too over the top. Easygoing and light-hearted, consumers also say it encourages laughter, making it a peaceful flower all around.

This flower is known to produce effects that are fairly well balanced between the mind and body. Typically, it hits like an Indica. You’re likely to feel a nice heavy-bodied sensation coupled with quite a bit of mental stimulation. It may encourage a mellow focus while simultaneously easing tight muscles and loosening joints. Expect decent pain relief as a smooth, easy sensation rolls through your body.

One of the only significant negative effects to watch out for is some paranoia with high doses of this bud. Some people may also feel a little dizzy. With that said, Bubble Gum is best used in the late afternoon or early evening. Since it is a sedative strain, it is not the best choice for daytime use. 

Traits of Bubble Gum and Bubble Gum Seeds

The Bubble Gum strain has been around for a while. Though, the precise lineage of this flower is a bit mysterious. Rumor has it that it originated in Indiana back in the 1970s, only to later travel to Amsterdam for hybridization. Debuting in the early 1990s, the strain has taken home several awards in its day. The current Bubblegum rendition, bred by seed companies like TH Seeds, has gone on to win four High Times Cannabis Cups since 1993. Now, nearly 20 years after its birth, this strain is still wowing cannabis fans throughout the U.S., Canada, and the Netherlands.

Bubble Gum would be an excellent strain for moderate cannabis consumers. This flower is not as potent as some more contemporary buds, but it can certainly pack a punch. This herb is coated with a layer of golden trichomes, which gives the nugs a yellowish appearance. Underneath this crystal layer, deep orange pistils are hiding amongst forest green leaves. On average, expect between 15 and 17 percent THC. However, with expert cultivation, this indica can produce up to 20 percent of the psychoactive.

The most distinct thing about this strain is its aroma. There are no prizes for guessing that this herb is reminiscent of pink bubblegum on the inhale and exhale. Marijuana connoisseurs will detect a creaminess to the smoke, that also contains some elements of tropical fruit. Of course, all of these aromas are layered onto a deep herbal base.

Those interested in creating cannabis-infused desserts may appreciate the delicate flavors and fragrances in this delightful bud.

Medical Benefits of Bubble Gum

Depending on where you get your seeds, you may find more Sativa-dominant versions of this strain.

  • Those in need of appetite stimulation, stress, and pain relief will enjoy this herb in its Indica-dominant variety. While not the most powerful strain in the world, it may provide some relief for minor to moderate aches and inflammation.
  • Expect a more creative high from Sativa versions, with slightly better relief for anxiety and depression.
  • Some find that Bubble Gum is helpful for improving sleep while others might feel like this flower promotes wakefulness.

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