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strains | 01.01.2022

Cali Gold Marijuana Strain

Cali Gold is a laid-back hybrid strain, offering a tingly, drowsy feel with a trace of creativity, and an appealing lemongrass fragrance.

Cali Gold is a somewhat niche Indica-dominant marijuana strain bred from Jah OG Kush and DS Gold. It’s enjoyed by a small subsection of enthusiasts, providing a great body high mixed with a bit of the classic sativa starriness. The result is a sedated and yet creative mood. It measures in at a perfectly reasonable 16-21% THC, and it’s an excellent choice for evening-time consumption or a lazy afternoon. A refreshing lemony smell completes this weed’s satisfying properties.

Cali Gold Experience

Cali Gold is an Indica-dominant cannabis strain descended from Jah OG Kush and DS Gold. Like any good Hybrid, it offers a nuanced combination of the effects provided by the different marijuana species.

While it leans towards a body high, it’s got a slight mental trippiness to it that keeps enthusiasts coming back. Plus, given that it’s 16-21% THC, it’s suitable both for the high-tolerance cannabis veteran and the relative newbie. When consumed in the appropriate dosage, at least.

Enthusiasts enjoying this marijuana will first perceive a slight difference in their mental state—a heightened curiosity, and a certain kind of wandering, associative thought. This will be quickly joined by a lovely, lush body buzz, which will sweep away worry and stress. These effects, together, produce a state that’s comfortable and reflective.

Though it’s a down-tempo and slightly sleepy weed, it’s not instantly sedative like some Indica experiences. This means that one can enjoy this marijuana throughout the evening or the afternoon, although smoking it in the morning is perhaps a bad idea.

This cannabis strain apparently has nothing to do with the delicious Cali Gold brand of weed-infused chocolate bars.

Traits of Cali Gold

Cali Gold consists of dense, tightly clustered forest green buds decorated with a fair number of rusty pistils. Surface trichomes are sparse but present. The aroma is remarkable and very refreshing, consisting of a combination of skunky earth, subtle spice, and tart citrus. It’s a combination that reminds many consumers of lemongrass, and it carries over nicely into the smoke once the weed is ignited.

Medical Benefits of Cali Gold

  • Relaxing effects of this cannabis may provide relief to those with anxiety or stress issues.
  • Anaesthetic properties potentially useful in the treatment of chronic aches and pains.
  • Sedative qualities could come in handy for those with insomnia.

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