Candy Skunk Marijuana Strain

The Candy Skunk marijuana strain is a bright and engaging flower with a strong sweet and pungent aroma. A remarkable bud, this a lovely daytime strain.

Candy Skunk Weed; Candy Skunk Cannabis Strain; Candy Skunk Sativa Marijuana Strain

Candy Skunk (Kandy Skunk) is a mostly sativa hybrid with an alluring aroma and inspiring effects. An upbeat strain, this flower inspires a focused vibe and provides enough stamina to get the job done. Considered an all-day strain, this fragrant herb is stimulating enough to be used in the morning but mellow enough to get you through the day.

Candy Skunk Experience

A strong head-high radiates after a few tastes of this pungent strain. Cerebral and engaging, many find that this flower is an appropriate choice for morning time consumption. However, in high doses, this THC-dominant strain may cause a little anxiety.

For this reason, this cultivar is best for those with prior experience with cannabis. Still, for those that can handle the THC, this is an energizing flower perfect for the workday. Whether you’re finishing up some much-needed chores or hoping to put in some quality time on a project, this focused flower is a top-notch selection.

Marijuana fans can enjoy this strain in a number of different ways, including;

  • Candy Skunk Oil Pens may be available from select brands, depending on the region.
  • Candy Skunk shatter, Candy Skunk wax, and other Candy Skunk concentrates are also available from a number of retailers.

Traits of Candy Skunk and Candy Skunk seeds

This plant is a DNA Genetics creation a cross between Kandy Krush and Skunk #1, this herb boasts some tasty and high-potency hybrid genetics. In fact, this weed can produce up to 21 percent THC.

An excellent choice for those hoping to make tinctures and concentrates, this flower is sticky all around. Buds tend to be fluffy, bulbous, and almost popcorn like. Ample red hairs adorn trichome-laden calyxes, giving this plant an exotic experience.

The scent of this strain is striking. A sweet, almost caramel-like quality dominates, with radiant undertones of skunk musk. While tasty, some carbon filters or smell-proof bags are recommended when growing or traveling with this intoxicating herb.

Medical Benefits of Candy Skunk

  • Feeling stressed out? This strain may be helpful as a potent stress management tool.
  • Some may find that this strain helps with mental health ailments like anxiety and depression.
  • This herb may also be valuable to those who suffer from chronic fatigue or brain fog.
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March 30, 2018
Written by Anna Wilcox
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