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strains | 05.25.2023

Strains Sense: Diamond OG

Learn your way around this high-quality Indica strain.

You don’t have to venture into the depths of the mining caves to discover Diamond OG.

Nor do you need to travel worldwide to get the pure and authentic Diamond OG experience. With Binoid, you can enjoy the highest quality with its THC-H – Diamond OG Vape Cartridge. You are about to discover a true gem in the world of strains.

Diamond OG is a cannabis strain recognized for its potency and premium quality. Originally from California, this hybrid strain combines OG Kush varieties with an unknown lineage, creating a unique experience for cannabis lovers.

Its dense, resinous buds will captivate your senses with their crystalline sheen and distinctive aroma. Diamond OG stands out for its earthy fragrance, with subtle hints of pine and citrus, which will delight every inhalation.

But it is not only its appearance and aroma that make Diamond OG so unique. Its effects are also worthy of admiration. This strain provides a profoundly relaxing and soothing experience. Diamond OG is known to induce a sense of serenity and peace, relieving accumulated stress and tension.

Whether you are looking for a moment of relaxation at the end of the day or wish to enjoy an exceptional cannabis experience, Diamond OG will provide you with an unforgettable trip.


Diamond OG descends from the classic OG Kush, although it’s unclear whether it’s a cloned phenotype or paired with another Indica.

Regardless, the effects are clear: a tranquilizing, sedative, hypnotic body high that’s great for pain relief or just recreational intoxication.

Its flavor is surprisingly refreshing. Its known parent strain, OG Kush, gives its offspring that familiar citrus-pine aroma and flavor we know and love.

Sativa Or Indica?

Diamond OG is a high-quality Indica strain.

It’s a great addition to your evening routines since it offers a relaxing body high. However, because its parent OG Kush is a hybrid, there are traces of Sativa that

  • Elevate the mood
  • Spark creativity
  • produce mental clarity and enlightenment


This strain isn’t just a fan favorite amongst recreational consumers. Medical marijuana patients treasure this strain’s potent medicinal effects as well.

  • This medical cannabis strain has powerful and long-lasting analgesic effects that may benefit those with chronic pain
  • Its sedative effects may be of assistance in treating insomnia, especially for patients who are kept up at night with anxiety or chronic pain
  • Relaxation and euphoria may be helpful for medical marijuana patients dealing with stress issues as well as milder forms of depression


As mentioned above, Diamond OG gives off a ton of beneficial effects.

The experience starts with a cough or two, kickstarting the effects with a wave of relaxation from head to toe. This strain is known to produce heavy effects right off the bat.

Once you start feeling relaxed, the world start’s to look a little different. The euphoric sensations paired with the sedative effects offer that sense of peace and relief you’ve been looking for.

You might start yawning after a couple of hours, so it’s best to smoke this strain when you’ve completed your daily tasks.

If you want to feel the pure and intended effects of Diamond OG, check out Binoid’s potent THC-H Vape Cartridge in Diamond OG. In fact, this is the first THC-H vape cartridge on the market!

It uses premium THC-H distillate, Delta-8 THC, and natural terpenes for an intense, flavorful, and tranquil body high.

The overall blissful feelings from this cartridge bring users into a lifted mental state, helping them understand what true relaxation feels like.

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