Double Purple Doja Marijuana Strain

Double Purple Doja is an Indica marijuana strain with blackberry flavors. Double Purple Doja eases pain and leaves you feeling relaxed, creative and happy.

November 22, 2017
Written by Dan Ophaug
Double Purple Doja Weed; Double Purple Doja Cannabis Strain; Double Purple Doja Indica Marijuana Strain

Double Purple Doja is an Indica dominant strain native to Washington State. Marijuana consumers should count themselves lucky to find it elsewhere, as its combination of average THC content and calming body buzz make it a great strain for cannabis enthusiasts looking for a late night or lazy day high. The cross between Sputnik #1 and Black Russian, this strain was originally created by DGA Genetics.


Double Purple Doja Experience

True to its Indica genes, this strain lulls marijuana enthusiasts into a deeply relaxed state, perfect for nighttime sessions or days without much to do. Thanks to decent THC content, around 12-17%, more experienced marijuana consumers needn’t worry about Double Purple Doja being too much for creative or social activities if they so choose.


Traits of Double Purple Doja and Double Purple Doja Seeds

Fans of purple strains come to expect a particular flavor and aroma from their cannabis, and this strain does not disappoint. While the musky, blackberry aroma is very distinct, marijuana connoisseurs will notice the faint pine undertones that give this strain a truly unique fragrance. Familiar flavors of sweet honey and powerful, earthy grape notes make this a particularly tasty weed.

This strain’s buds are a kaleidoscope of shades and colors, from an almost eggplant like purple to reds and a spectrum of green shades — this is definitely a flower marijuana enthusiasts will want to show off. The thick knots of light orange pistils and heavy trichomes frosting are just the icing on the cake sure to have cannabis fans licking their lips.


Medical Benefits of Double Purple Doja

Not just a good looking strain, Double Purple Doja also has a number of medical benefits.

  • Medical marijuana patients looking for relief from pain caused by arthritis, inflammation or even more serious injuries, such as those to the spinal cord will enjoy this strain
  • The decent THC content of this strain makes it suitable for cannabis patients dealing with depression, nightmares, mood swings or other psychological ailments
  • This strain can also help with muscle spasms, insomnia and anxiety
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November 22, 2017 — Last Updated
Written by Dan Ophaug

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