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strains | 01.20.2020

Doug’s Varin Marijuana Strain

Doug’s Varin is a Sativa marijuana strain that has high levels of THCV. This cannabinoid gives Doug’s Varin unique traits, leaving you feeling uplifted.

Doug’s Varin is a pure Sativa with some of the highest THCV content around. This bud produces a very strong, energetic, and cerebral high with a fast onset.


Doug’s Varin Experience

Doug’s Varin is a rare Sativa bred in California. There is a lot of interest in this strain thanks to its ability to produce high amounts of a unique cannabinoid called tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV). THCV is a chemical with vast medical potential.

For one, early laboratory research has found that it can aid in weight loss and suppress appetite. This special molecule is also thought to have anticonvulsant effects as well as analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

In laboratory tests, this strain has tested at 19 percent THC and 15 percent THCV. Most strains considered high in THCV tap out at under 2 percent of the cannabinoid. Such amazing numbers make this a true stand-apart flower.

In terms of effects, this bud provides a strong cerebral, energetic high. About as stimulating as a shot of espresso, this strain promotes sensations of wakefulness. Great to use during the day, many consumers report that Doug’s Varin aids in focus and may even provide some creative inspiration.


Traits of Doug’s Varin and Doug’s Varin Seeds

The aroma of this bud is pleasant but not as impressive as many of the fruity, contemporary Hybrids out there these days. Doug’s Varin features an earthy fragrance with hints of sharp pine and lemon.

Marijuana connoisseurs will appreciate these frosty little nugs. Green leaves are buried underneath a knot of golden pistils and yellowish, cloudy crystals.


Medical Benefits of Doug’s Varin

Bred to contain high amounts of the THCV, this strain offers a unique set of experiences and medicinal effects to marijuana patients.

  • Known to relieve panic attacks, this strain is a blessing for those medical marijuana patients who struggle with anxiety.
  • Marijuana patients who suffer from chronic fatigue may appreciate the energetic effects of this Sativa
  • Tremors, even up to conditions as severe as Parkinson’s can be positively impacted by this strain

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