Frisian Dew Marijuana Strain

Frisian Dew is a Hybrid marijuana strain. This purple spotted cross between Super Skunk and Purple Star will leave marijuana enthusiasts feeling creative and giggly.

Frisian Dew Weed; Frisian Dew Cannabis Strain; Frisian Dew Hybrid Marijuana Strain

Frisian Dew is a gorgeous Hybrid with light purple specks. Bred for the outdoors, growers will love this strain’s hardiness and mold resistance.


Frisian Dew Experience

Frisian Dew is the pride of Dutch Passion. A balanced Hybrid cross between a Super Skunk female and a Purple Star male, this strain has inherited happy and giggly effects. It’s not uncommon to find marijuana consumers on a blissful mental journey as Frisian Dew guides them through a long-lasting and relaxed euphoric bliss.

This marijuana strain is not the most potent on dispensary or coffee shop shelves, but it provides an enjoyable experience for both intermediate and experienced cannabis consumers. On average, the THC in this bud tests between 16 and 17 percent THC.


Traits of Frisian Dew and Frisian Dew Seeds

This herb features beautiful light purple coloration and was designed for outdoor cultivation in cooler climates. Fast flowering, it’s easy to get this strain cut down before the fall rains arrive in the Northern hemisphere.

These handsome flowers are a treat marijuana growers will be proud to show off. Dotted with purple hues, orange pistils and a nice coat of crystals, this herb is one dying to be paraded around. The shiny, dew-like finish lets cannabis enthusiasts know they’re in for some sticky weed.

Woody and warm-scented, this bud smells like the earth in which it was grown. Citrus notes give this Hybrid strain a slightly sharp kick.


Medical Benefits of Frisian Dew

Medical cannabis patients often pick up this flower to help in the treatment of a variety of ailments.

  • This includes relief from inflammation, headaches, eye pressure, and glaucoma
  • The jolly, uplifting effects of this medical marijuana strain also makes it suitable for those with depression and chronic stress
  • Those cannabis patients who suffer from a lack of appetite will find their hunger stoked by this pleasant Hybrid
April 20, 2017 — Last Updated
Written by Anna Wilcox

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April 20, 2017 — Last Updated
Written by Anna Wilcox

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