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Strain Sense: Frosted Cherry Cookies

Frosted Cherry Cookies is a potent powerhouse that packs a big punch and has an incredible taste and aroma.

The Frosted Cherry Cookies strain is an Indica-leaning hybrid. It is a trichome-rich version of the popular Cherry Cookies. This strain is tasty, like the classic GSC, with a sweet profile that is also crisp and fresh.

Frosted Cherry Cookies is a great strain for any time of the day when you want to feel relaxed and happy. So depending on your tolerance, Frosted Cherry Cookies could be ideal for the early afternoon or possibly should be reserved for ending the day on a high.

The mere sound of its name makes our mouths water, so imagine what it feels like to smoke this strain.

This green and amber-colored, somewhat dense bud is beautifully packed with trichomes and sticky goodness. Not only is this flower beautiful due to the vibrant colors with subtle pink and orange notes, but it is absolutely potent and can contain up to 28% THC. That will pack a powerful punch.

Frosted Cherry Cookies Experience

The high from Frosted Cherry Cookies usually starts with a light euphoric high, putting people in a good mood no matter what is going on around them. Some describe it as an electric current to the brain because of its quick and unexpected effects.

This strain will relax you deeply, which can go one of two ways: you’ll either become the nicest person in the room, or you’ll just want to be watching a movie while melting into the couch.

It is said to be an easy strain to grow, and growers can expect plants to reach a medium height and have a potent aroma when flowering.


At 28% THC, this is a feat that not many flowers can achieve. The user experience of Frosted Cherry Cookies is primarily related to a relaxing, social and happy high. Many users have referred to their experience as one of excitement, happiness, and creativity.

One of the times I would enjoy this strain is when creating or working on a project because the focus and creative drive is incredible.

The feeling of euphoria and uplift is enticing, and Frosted Cherry Cookies will spread a sense of ease and well-being throughout your body. This high-THC flower is destined to be a favorite for its potent and long-lasting effects.

Although if you consume a little more than you should, the euphoria and happy high can end in a mild sedation that will leave you relaxed on the couch.

Frosted Cherry Cookies Flavor And Terpenes

The Frosted Cherry Cookies strain has a very interesting and sweet flavor and terpene profile that will have the user stunned by its potency. This strain has a berry and somewhat earthy aroma, with some citrus and sour notes that add complexity to the session.

Although its name sounds intensely sweet, users will enjoy a much more balanced experience. The unique combination of this bud allows it to be smokable without being harsh on the flavor.

On the terpene side of the scale, you are looking at myrcene, pinene, and limonene, three somewhat common terpenes that will have herbal, pine, and citrus notes. The predominance of myrcene will provide the user with a cool and somewhat sedating experience.

Lineage & Genetics

The Frosted Cherry Cookies variety is a cross between Cherry Cookies and The White. This strain is a trichome-rich version of the popular Cherry Cookies.

Cherry Cookies is one of the most popular Girl Scout Cookies crosses. It features medium to high THC levels, energizing effects, and a powerful punch. Comparatively, The White is a high THC strain that is known for a distinct lack of smell or taste but packs a big punch.

Yield And Flowering Time

Home growers who want to include the Frosted Cherry Cookies strain in their lineup can find seeds online, although its price can be substantially higher than other hybrids. This strain is easy to grow. You can expect medium to short plants thanks to its Indica heritage.

Frosted Cherry Cookies have an average flowering time between 63 and 70 days and is known to produce average-to-high yields in ideal conditions.

Expect a very beautiful plant that you will want to clone or save a mother. These plants have a relatively high yield after almost ten weeks, making them great to start growing.

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