Cherry Cookies Marijuana Strain

Cherry Cookies is a Hybrid based on the famous Girl Scout Cookies, which offers an uplifting, blissful, energetic high, along with a delectable aroma.

Cherry Cookies Weed; Cherry Cookies Cannabis Strain; Cherry Cookies Hybrid Marijuana Strain

Cherry Cookies is a balanced Hybrid cannabis that descends from a combination of Cherry Pie and the wildly popular Girl Scout Cookies strain. Like its legendary parent, it produces a totally giddy feeling combined with a cerebral rush that persists for hours, with a very slight glow of body buzz. Primarily, this weed differs from Girl Scout Cookies in terms of its aroma: it smells a lot like sour cherry jam.

Cherry Cookies Experience

There’s an incredible number of cannabis strains on the market descended from Girl Scout Cookies. You can’t really blame breeders for that: GSC is a fantastic weed. So, tweaking it slightly with another strain is a reliable way to produce something great.

Cherry Cookies is no exception, offering a powerful euphoric bliss. And, at 18-23% THC, it offers enough potency for even the most hardened marijuana veteran.

This is a slow-onset cannabis, with a high that doesn’t present itself immediately. After a few minutes, however, an ecstatic headrush begins, consisting of a childlike happiness and freewheeling thoughts. This is truly energetic and stimulating weed.

There are also notable visual effects: sharper outlines and brighter colours. All of these sensations are accompanied by some pleasant bodily effects. Yet, these body effects are secondary to the heady feeling this plant provides.

While this plant can be sedative, this strain will propel marijuana enthusiasts to bouts of exploration and socialization.

Cherry Cookies is available in shatter and vape cartridge format from a number of retailers, for those who prefer alternate cannabis consumption methods.

Traits of Cherry Cookies

This cannabis is dense, deep green, and sticky, decorated with burnt orange pistils. There’s a lot of trichome coverage.

Aroma-wise, it’s delicious weed, which smells strongly of tart cherry jam. Yet, it also has a bit of a spicy earth backbone to give it depth. The smoke gives off a smooth and alluringly sweet fragrance.

Medical Benefits of Cherry Cookies

  • Uplifting effects may be helpful for patients suffering from mild depression and other mood disorders.
  • While upbeat, relaxing properties could come in handy for those who struggle with stress and anxiety.
  • Slight anesthetic effects of this marijuana have the potential to relieve minor headaches and joint pains.
March 06, 2018 — Last Updated
Written by Anna Wilcox

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March 06, 2018 — Last Updated
Written by Anna Wilcox

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