Goji OG Weed; Goji OG Cannabis Strain; Goji OG Hybrid Marijuana Strain
strains | 01.01.2022

Goji OG Marijuana Strain

Goji OG is a Sativa-dominant strain that gives cannabis consumers a clear, intense, giggly headrush combined with a slight body buzz.

Goji OG is a heavy-duty Sativa-dominant strain bred from two obscure parents. It gives you an intense head high combined with a satisfying body high, making for an energetic, multi-sensory experience that many users enjoy. It also has an interesting taste, consisting of cherry, licorice, and strawberry flavors.


Goji OG Experience

Goji OG is an intense marijuana. It’s a Sativa-dominant hybrid, bred from Nepali OG and Snow Lotus, two lesser-known strains which happen to combine perfectly. The high this strain produces is vibrant, intense, and clarifying. Like the best Sativas, it can get you moving and giggling, as well as putting you in a creative mood. However, it does come with a fairly noticeable body buzz as well.

In terms of medicinal use, this cannabis stimulates the appetite, as well as instilling a euphoric buzziness may help enthusiasts who are dealing with mild depression. Keep in mind that it needs to be treated carefully, as it’s quite potent, and, like other Sativas, it can trigger an uncomfortable headrush if hit too hard.

Goji OG can be found in both shatter and vape cartridge form.


Traits of Goji OG and Goji OG Seeds

This cannabis is fairly generic visually. It has conical light green nuggets coated in reddish pistils. If cut open, enthusiasts will find pockets of clear trichomes.

What’s more distinctive, though, is the smell. Goji OG has a fascinating smell that’s both fruity and medicinal. Consumers will detect a fruity cherry smell mixed with a licorice flavor, counterbalanced by a traditional marijuana earthiness. On the tongue, the smoke is nice and smooth.


Medical Benefits of Goji OG

While the parents of this strain are certainly more obscure, medical marijuana patients will be happy they met when they discover this herb’s range of therapeutic properties and medical applications.


  • Many medical cannabis patients appreciate the relaxed, euphoric feeling this strain inspires. It is a great way for some consumers to relieve stress
  • The elevated mood offered by this particular flower may assist in treating milder cases of depression.
  • It is also quite appetite stimulating for those who struggle with nausea


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