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strains | 01.01.2022

Kali Mist Marijuana Strain

Kali Mist is the perfect daytime strain. Moderate, clear-headed, and focused, work and chores are easy matches for this skunky sativa.

Kali Mist is a multiple time award-winning Sativa strain. In 2000, it won first place Sativa at the High Times Cannabis Cup. It picked up another honor at the 2002 Cannabis Cup, taking third place in the Sativa category again. Marijuana enthusiasts looking for a moderately powerful, focused and creative strain would be wise to pick this strain up.


Kali Mist Experience

Kali Mist is a 90% Sativa strain from Serious Seeds. The genetics of this strain are unknown, but the flower is an excellent moderate strain for inexperienced cannabis consumers. On average, Kali Mist features 15% THC. That doesn’t come close to other, more potent hybrids on dispensary and coffee shop counters.

Yet, this strain provides a pleasant, clear-headed high that makes it easy to get things done. This strain is about as energizing as a cup of filter coffee or black tea, making it great for the morning. Unlike many Indica strains, this Sativa promotes focus, creativity, and an upbeat mood.


Traits of Kali Mist and Kali Mist Seeds

Whenever marijuana consumers bring out Kali Mist, there’s no mistaking its potent aroma. Earthy herbal tones dominate, but there are some slightly sweet pine aromas lurking in the background. More experienced cannabis consumers may even notice some fruitier scents. Flavorwise, the overall experience is pleasant. On the inhale, this strain is spicy and sweet in equal measures. On the exhale, there are earthy citrus flavors with just a hint of herbs.


Medical Benefits of Kali Mist

This award-winning strain is a popular choice amongst medical marijuana patients. While not the most potent, it does provide a soothing cannabis experience for those looking for something less intense than other big name Sativas.

  • Many medical cannabis patients use this skunky sweet bud for chronic fatigue, depression, and stress
  • This strain does provide moderate pain relief, though those with severe or chronic pain may prefer something a little stronger
  • This flower is a better choice for muscle aches, nerve pain, and headaches


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