LA Kush Marijuana Strain

LA Kush is an uplifting and tasty take on the classic OG Kush, providing users with an intense, medicinal body buzz that isn’t totally sedative.

LA Kush Weed; LA Kush Cannabis Strain; LA Kush Hybrid Marijuana Strain

LA Kush is a heavy-duty Indica-driven Hybrid marijuana. Although it’s almost certainly descended from the prestigious OG Kush, its exact genetics are unclear. Don’t let that stop you, though: this weed is popular among enthusiasts, specifically for the way it somehow produces a classically heavy Kush body high without being overly drowsy. At 19-26% THC, it’s got some great medicinal weed potential, as well as being a solid recreational choice for a lazy afternoon.

LA Kush Experience

There are just so many Kush-based marijuana strains in the weed world that, at some point, the enthusiast has to ask, “why this one?

Well, in the case of Indica-dominant Hybrid LA Kush, there’s actually a compelling reason: it offers that lulling Kush body high but won’t immediately knock you out, unlike many of its cousins, thanks to a slight Sativa influence. It’s also got suitably respectable power, at 19-26% THC.

Enthusiasts who are enjoying this marijuana will notice that it comes on fairly slowly, exuding a warmth that gradually encompasses the whole body. The feeling is tingly and faintly narcotic. This weed will slowly melt and dissolve pain, nausea, and stress, leaving behind a tranquil, floaty state of mind.

However, this state is not completely sedative. Instead, it offers a pleasant focus: it’s a slow, quiet burn. Of course, it can still cause a profound sleep. However, this plant is not heavy-hitting like many other indicas. 

There’s one super confusing thing about this marijuana, though: it’s totally different from the similarly-named OG Los Angeles Kush. Weird, right?

Herbal Solutions offers this cannabis in shatter form.

Traits of LA Kush

LA Kush presents itself in small, dense nuggets of deep green, with significant clear trichome coverage. The aroma is quite powerful and pleasant, consisting of the usual Kush skunk and earth, but combined with a very strong mint-and-pine flavour.

It almost smells like cannabis chewing gum, or like a cannabis-based cleaning product. The weed’s smoke is refreshing and surprisingly smooth. 

Medical Benefits of LA Kush

  • Anesthetic properties of this marijuana make it potentially useful for the treatment of chronic aches and pains.
  • Sedative enough that it may be helpful for those with insomnia.
  • Relaxing qualities may come in handy for patients with stress and anxiety.
March 07, 2018 — Last Updated
Written by Anna Wilcox

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March 07, 2018 — Last Updated
Written by Anna Wilcox

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