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Love Potion #1 Marijuana Strain

Love Potion #1 is a 2004 Cannabis Cup 1st place winner in the Sativa category, most commonly used to help manage nausea and stimulate arousal. This strain will leave you feeling energized, creative and focused, making it a great option for those looking to manage ADD/ADHD.

Love Potion #1 is a 2004 Cannabis Cup 1st place winner that lives up to its name, with a focused and energy boosting high that will leave some marijuana users feeling pretty aroused. This Reeferman Seeds product is a cross between popular strains G13 and Columbian Gold, this 70:30 Sativa to Indica strain is a potent ride, even for experienced marijuana consumers.


Love Potion #1 Experience

Not to be confused with Love Potion #9 or Green Love Potion, this Sativa-dominant strain is a crowd pleaser for marijuana consumers looking for a buzz of energy mixed with a cerebral experience.

A fast-acting cannabis strain, weed enthusiasts will find themselves feeling alert and energized. Marijuana consumers will notice calm nerves and even some lower inhibitions which can increase arousal.

Marijuana enthusiasts will find the body and head buzz a great pairing with other activities too, such as video games, creative hobbies or even involved work tasks.

Traits of Love Potion #1 and Love Potion #1 Seeds

Cannabis consumers will immediately notice the woody pine and earthy aroma this strain gives off. Weed connoisseurs will be able to detect deeper citrus tones.

There’s no mistaking the skunky odor once the bugs are broken up, regardless of your marijuana expertise. This strain can be a touch harsh to smoke, but on the exhale there are lemon, lime and pine flavors to enjoy, with just a few skunky details.

The first inspection might lead some cannabis consumers to believe this strain is an Indica, with its dense bud structures. Deep orange pistils course through the olive green leaves, while trichomes coat the whole flower, making for one sticky plant.


Medical Benefits of Love Potion #1

Other than it’s libidinous charge, Love Potion #1 has a number of medicinal applications.

  • This strain’s energy boosting traits make it an excellent option for medical marijuana patients suffering from chronic fatigue, stress or anxiety
  • The body high can mean a reduction in nausea and headaches
  • This strain’s lucidity is great for cannabis consumers with focus or attention deficit disorders
  • Marijuana fans who are sensitive to higher levels of THC, which clocks in at around 18%, may find this strain triggers some circular thinking, which can lead to anxiety and panic in some

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