Moby Dick Weed; Moby Dick Cannabis Strain; Moby Dick Sativa Marijuana Strain
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Moby Dick Marijuana Strain

Searching for a high-THC strain? Moby Dick is not for beginners. This lively sativa has both heavy-hitting and cerebral genetics. A potent flower, Moby Dick provides consumers with an intense and uplifting high.

Moby Dick has been beloved by marijuana consumers since it burst onto the scene, winning ‘Girl of the Year’ in cannabis newspaper Soft Secrets in 2010. Searching for a high-THC strain? This flower is not for beginners. This lively Sativa has both heavy-hitting and cerebral genetics. A potent flower, this strain provides marijuana consumers with an intense and uplifting high.

Moby Dick Experience

Moby Dick is a European strain bred by Dinafem Seeds. This spirited Sativa is not for beginners. The psychoactive high from this flower will hit you like a whale. The THC content can reach up to 27%, making this one of the strongest strains around.

A cross between White Widow and Haze, this strain’s genetics are top-notch. White Widow is hybrid with famously heavy hitting effects. Haze is an old school Sativa that provides a strong energetic marijuana experience. The combination between the two resulted in a powerful and electric strain with potent cerebral effects.

Traits of Moby Dick and Moby Dick Seeds

Growers love this strain because it is high-yielding, fast-growing, and unbelievably potent. Citrus tones tend to hit the nose first, followed by a deep earthiness and plenty of spice. Those with an advanced pallet may detect hints of warm vanilla and a tinge of cool menthol. Marijuana enthusiasts may also find elements of pine in the flavor profile.

Cannabis fans will note the leafy, almost bushy nugs of this strain. This strain is also run through with deep orange pistils and a healthy frosting of semi-translucent trichomes.

Why do people use Moby Dick?

Those who need relief from mental ailments like depression, stress, and headache may love Moby Dick. This strain can be described as a nice brain massage. After just one taste or so, your body and mind are filled with a soothing yet energizing vapor.

For a sativa, Moby Dick also provides a decent amount of pain relief. The White Widow genetics may be partly to thank for that, as the hybrid is a popular choice among those with severe and chronic pain.

Though, as a sativa-dominant strain, patients are more likely to find relief from more moderate symptoms with Moby Dick.

For recreational consumers, this is a daytime flower that you’ll want to have on hand for whatever you’re doing. Upbeat, lively, and relaxing, Moby Dick can add spirit to a chill party, help you find bliss on an easy bike ride, or simply make afternoon chores a little more fun.

If you’re a sativa fan, Moby Dick just might be your new favorite.

Medical Benefits of Moby Dick

With such potent THC levels, Moby Dick can offer many medical marijuana patients relief from their symptoms and ailments.

  • Many medical patients like Moby Dick for daytime relief from depression and chronic fatigue.
  • Anyone seeking a few moments of relaxation after a particularly stressful day may benefit from this strain.
  • The Sativa effects lend well to headaches and migraine relief.
  • Other medical marijuana patients may find this strain helps with PTSD, muscle spasms and loss of appetite.

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