Nebula II CBD Weed Strain; Nebula II CBD Cannabis Strain, Nebula II CBD Hybrid Marijuana Strain
strains | 01.01.2022

Nebula II CBD Marijuana Strain

Nebula II CBD is a Hybrid marijuana strain with sweet honey flavors. Nebula II CBD is great for managing pain, inflammation and muscle spasms, leaving marijuana consumers feeling focused, happy and relaxed.

Nebula II CBD combines the popular Sativa strain Nebula with an unknown, high CBD strain to add the relaxing effects traditionally associated with CBD heavy cannabis to Nebula’s potent, energetic traits.


Nebula II CBD Experience

Nebula II CBD is a Sativa dominant Hybrid, with a 60:40 Sativa to Indica ratio. A collaboration between Paradise Seeds and CBD Crew, marijuana consumers can expect calming and relaxing effects that won’t sabotage productivity or energy.  The nice balance of THC content, roughly 7%, and CBD, which can reach up to 8%, makes a mellow strain that many marijuana fans can enjoy during the day without worrying about any mental fogginess.

Traits of Nebula II CBD and Nebula II CBD Seeds

There’s no mistaking it, Nebula II is some great tasting weed. Marijuana fans will note flavors of honey, fruit, berry, grapefruit and woody, slightly spicy undertones reminiscent of toasted oats and grains. Aromas of fruit, honey sweetness will be instantly noticeable, whereas real weed connoisseurs will pick out earthy and herbal notes underneath.

This strain catches the eye with its intensely thick layer of burnt orange pistils, which knot their way all through the cone-shaped nugs light green leaves. There’s also a heavy dusting of trichomes, unaffected by the lower THC count, making for a sticky and appealing looking strain for marijuana enthusiasts.

Medical Benefits of Nebula II CBD

Thanks to its higher than average CBD content, Nebula II CBD is a popular choice for medical marijuana patients.

  • Those looking to relieve a number of symptoms, including pain from muscle spasms, arthritis, tremors or inflammation enjoy this strain
  • Thanks to its great balance, patients can still go about their day with focus.
  • This strain’s THC content means it’s also a nice choice for cannabis consumers looking to alleviate stress, depression and fatigue, although some have noted it can cause headaches and dry mouth.

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