Orange Crush Weed; Orange Crush Cannabis Strain; Orange Crush Hybrid Marijuana Strain
strains | 01.01.2022

Orange Crush Marijuana Strain

The Orange Crush cannabis strain is a craft weed with a delicious citrus aroma. Potent, this morning time flower has tested as high as 29% THC.

The Orange Crush marijuana strain is a delicious citrus hybrid with high-spirited Sativa effects. While the name may sound delightful, novice consumers beware: this cheerful flower packs a psychoactive punch. In the highest tests, the THC in this bud has soared above 29%. Experience with cannabis is recommended for this herb.


Orange Crush Experience

Friendly and upbeat, Orange Crush can provide a euphoric cerebral high. As energizing as a cup of black tea, this strain can be consumed during the day. Flavorful and stimulating, it might even replace orange juice as a standard morning go-to.

On the downside, some consumers may feel a little anxiety with this strain. This is especially pertinent for novices and those sensitive to THC since this can be one of the most potent srains on the dispensary shelf.

Sociable and talkative, this is an excellent flower to share with canna-savvy friends. This hybrid strain may be strong, but many find that this herb encourages focus and concentration. Creative and thought-provoking conversations may ensue after a few tastes of this citrus-scented weed.

Marijuana fans can enjoy this strain in a number of different ways, including;

  • Orange Crush Pens may be available from select cannabis brands, like Flyte  
  • Orange Crush shatter, Orange Crush wax, and other Orange Crush concentrates may also be available from a number of retailers

Traits of Orange Crush and Orange Crush Seeds

Bred by BC Growers Association, this flower is a Sativa Hybrid with soaring mental effects and a lovely citrus aroma. Grinding this strain releases a strong and deliciously sweet fragrance of turned earth and freshly peeled orange. A cross between California Orange and Blueberry, this marijuana strain is a craft strain that produces crowd-pleasing buds without much effort.

These buds can produce between 16 and 25% THC on average. In its highest test, this strain reached over 29% THC. In higher doses, this strain may cause some to feel dizzy or lightheaded. However, many find that this exotic flower lively yet easygoing overall.

In terms of appearance, this flower is intoxicating to behold. This strain produces large, wide, and conical buds with ample pistillate hairs. A thick blanket of silver trichome crystals covers colas in a sticky, fragrant web.  


Medical Benefits of Orange Crush

This plant’s soaring THC levels make it an effective tool to combat a number of conditions and symptoms.

  • Medical cannabis consumers often use this marijuana strain to manage inflammatory pain and other moderate pain conditions
  • Those with mental health concerns like depression and chronic stress also tend to enjoy this strain
  • Anyone needing an appetite boost or relief from fatigue is likely to appreciate this herb as well

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