Purple Mr. Nice Weed; Purple Mr Nice Cannabis Strain; Purple Mr. Nice Indica Marijuana Strain
strains | 01.01.2022

Purple Mr. Nice Marijuana Strain

Purple Mr. Nice is an Indica marijuana strain. Crossing the legendary Mr. Nice with Granddaddy Purple, this herb will leave cannabis consumers feeling sleepy and relaxed.

When Sensi Seeds reintroduced Mr. Nice seeds to the market, breeders kindly took the old school favorite and gave him a new coat of paint. By crossing that classic Indica with Granddaddy Purple, Purple Mr. Nice came to be, and has been delighting marijuana enthusiasts with its powerful, relaxing high ever since.


Purple Mr. Nice Experience

Also known as Purple Nice and Purple Nice Guy, this herb offers marijuana enthusiasts deep relaxation along with an uplifting and often euphoric high. Moments after consuming, the more cerebral effects of this strain set in. Say farewell to bad vibes and negative moods. These are replaced with a creeping happiness, which soon sinks down into the body.

Muscles will relax as the body high sweeps from head to toe. Thanks to a slight Sativa presence in this herb, the high rarely becomes lazy, but it’s definitely a more relaxed experience than most out and out Hybrids.

That said, in larger amounts, cannabis consumers might feel themselves getting locked deep into their couch. That’s not always a bad thing, but perhaps make sure the schedule is clear before getting deep into a session.

THC levels in this strain vary quite drastically. Sometimes testing as high as 26%, it’s worth proceeding with caution until marijuana consumers have a clear picture of the strength of their particular bud. The same goes for the CBD content, which can be between 0.1 and 4%.


Traits of Purple Mr. Nice and Purple Mr. Nice Seeds

Take the best parts of Granddaddy Purple and Mr. Nice, and there’s a pretty clear picture of what this herb to offer. The aroma takes the grape of Granddaddy Purp and the earthiness of Mr. Nice to create an alluring musk.

That earthiness of the aroma tends to vanish from this herb’s flavor profile, instead replaced by grape and berry tastes that are sweeter than they are tart. Marijuana connoisseurs will definitely notice a slight spiciness on the exhale, which helps this Indica finish nice and clean on the palate.


Medical Benefits of Purple Mr. Nice

This flower is certainly a nice guy to the medical marijuana patients who need help finding a little relief from their symptoms.

  • The euphoric cerebral effects of this herb can help with the management of depression and stress.
  • It can even be applicable to more chronic conditions, such as PTSD or attention disorders such as ADD/ADHD.
  • The sedative effects are such that many pains and aches will simply melt away after a few tokes.

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