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Qwad Dawg Marijuana Strain

Qwad Dawg is a potent Hybrid marijuana strain from Alphakronik Seeds. With soaring THC levels, this strain will leave cannabis consumers feeling creative and euphoric.

After a taste of the Qwad Dawg cannabis strain, you’ll be wanting more. This herb can feature up to 27% THC and has a delicious, ripe fruit aroma. Pick up this bud for chronic pain conditions and relief from stress and depression.


Qwad Dawg Experience

The Qwad Dwag marijuana strain is a notable Sativa-dominant Hybrid from Alphakronik Genes. A cross between Snowdawg 2 and Snowdawg 2, this flower has been perfected over several generations, with the goal of creating a more flavorful and vigorous rendition of an original Snowdawg mother.

Qwad Dawg is thought to be a 60/40 sativa-dominant hybrid. This means that while this strain does provide some quality mental uplift, there is a decent amount of sedation in this bud as well. In fact, like other members of the Snowdawg family, you can count on Qwad Dawg to provide a very relaxing body high.

There are not many THC tests for this bud available, but this strain has been known to produce up to 27% THC. Thanks to the high THC, the sedative effects of this strain will become more pronounced in higher doses. In low to moderate doses, this strain provides an upbeat and happy attitude with a lovely physical buzz.

This strain is not the best wake ‘n bake flower, but it is a great afternoon choice. In large doses, a more pronounced mind-altering experience that borders on couch-locked and introverted.

The effects of Qwad Dawg may be a bit on the creeping side. Expect to wait up to 15 minutes before the effects of this strain present themselves. Many consumers notice a gentle and pleasant pressure in the face and eyes, though the overall mental experience is fairly clear-headed.

Having some snacks handy for about mid-way through the high would be a real live saver with this powerful and contented bud.


Traits of Qwad Dawg and Qwad Dawg Seeds

Qwad Dawg is a sativa-dominant hybrid bred by Alphakronik Genes. The strain is a mix of Snowdawg 2 bred back on itself. Snowdawg 2 is a balanced hybrid known for its cool high and resin-dense buds. Snowdawg 2 is actually one strain in a line of selectively bred buds. Snowdawg 2 itself is a cross of parent Snowdawg and a Snowdawg backcross, meaning that the final result has been through multiple rounds of perfection.

This strain may be a bit difficult to find, but Qwad Dawg is a fair selection for moderate and experienced cannabis consumers. In high doses, this strain’s hybrid heritage may give it a slight psychedelic vibe.

Alphakronik bred Qwad Dawg to enhance the flavor from the original Snowdawg mother, and they definitely succeeded. Qwad Dawg has inherited all of the perks of Snowdawg with an extra sweet taste.

The aroma of this strain has been described as cotton candy-like or something akin to a ripe, drying fruit. Some slight diesel tones add a little acidity to this strain.


Medical Benefits of Qwad Dawg and Qwad Dawg Seeds

Alphakronik have put together a mightily impressive strain that can be enjoyed by medical marijuana consumers just as much as recreational ones.

  • Medical cannabis patients often pick up Qwad Dawg for pain conditions.
  • Chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia and arthritis can find relief in this strain 
  • This bud’s breeders suggest that this strain may be useful for depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

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